Best Food in Melaka Best Destination in Malaysia

Best Food in Melaka Best Destination in Malaysia

What are 35 best foods in Melaka? You can choose the best asam pedas restaurant, gerai ikan bakar, nasi lemak and roti canai kayu arang and more. Read here for more info about the best destinations in Malaysia. 48 hours in Malacca will never be enough! Many historic places to visit like Porta de Santiago, watch the Encore theater of Malacca, OOTD at Kiehl’s Wall Mural and surf the sand at Klebang sea! What about the setting of the sunset at the Straits of Melaka Floating Mosque? These are all the decisions you need to make!

Best Food in Melaka Best Destination in Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Best Food in Melaka Best Destination in Malaysia
  • Location: Malacca Malaysia
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Best Food in Melaka Best Destination in Malaysia

A Legendary Classic Breakfast at Roti Canai Kayu Arang

Destination in Malaysia for breakfast in Melaka is at Roti Canai Kayu Arang. This Malay stall is very popular among local people and tourist. Possess a traditional cooking using charcoal kitchen. Must try! People in Malaysia who have eaten roti canai in this stall must know that the bread is soft & baked perfectly.

Tempting Breakfast Near Me: Mee Hassan / Mee Bodo Tengkera

As always Mee Hassan or Mee Bodo is full of customers in the early morning. There are so many people are fall in love with the noodle called mee bodo. Never mind, this simple / stupid noodle can be enjoyed by many.

Quench the Thirst at Cendol Kampung Hulu Malacca River

Cendol Kampung Hulu, Malacca River. You can quench the thirst during the day by stop by the best and famous Cendol. The owner of this place uses a custom Korean ice cream machine to make the best cendol for you! Most of all, it’s not plain ice but frozen coconut milk. With homemade coconut ice cream toppings and assorted extras like longan, mango, red dragon fruit and durian, these are definitely tasty, worth the most Insta-worthy tasting you’ve ever tried!

Calanthe Art Coffee for Hardcore Coffee Lovers!

Calanthe Art Coffee is mainly for hardcore coffee lovers! You can enjoy your cup of cappuccino and espresso before starting your day. Calanthe Art Cafe known for its local ‘Malaysia 13 States’ Coffee’ Each ‘state’ has its own distinctive characteristics and coffee combinations, so gonna love it! This cafe has beautiful traditional Chinese interior design and various artworks are also on display here.

More Melaka Foods

Dinner at Mukmin Ikan Bakar

Best Ikan Bakar in Melaka is at Mukmin Ikan Bakar. A recommended restaurant to eat ikan bakar during dinner. Mukmin Ikan Bakar is one of the favorites out there serving fresh fish from the sea. Try sweet sour, 3 rasa or steamed fish.

Breakfast ‘Pandan Pancake with Gula Melaka’ at The Daily Fix Cafe

If you are searching for a simple breakfast in Malacca, this is the restaurant that you should try. If you can only choose one cafe to visit in Malacca, you need to go to The Daily Fix Cafe! Located on Jonker Street, the café serves a variety of Western dishes such as an all-day breakfast and assorted pasta, cakes and pancakes. However, the menu you should try here is Local Pandan Pancake which is served with Melaka Sugar and Coconut. I recommend you add vanilla ice cream toppings for maximum satisfaction!

Dining Chinese Cuisine at Kocik Kitchen

Best Chinese Cuisine in Malacca: Complete your trip here without enjoying Melanese Chinese cuisine? Kocik Kitchen is one of the best halal restaurants in Malacca offering this cuisine. Some of the must-try lunches include Assam Fish, Assam Fish, Brain, Minced Meat Tofu and Cincalok Spicy Eggs.

Stop by for Klebang Original Coconut Shake on the edge of a beautiful beach

There’s never been anything as viral as the Coconut Shake Klebang. Many have tried, and are satisfied with this creamy fat flavor. Although many other traders try to replicate the original recipe, the shop remains a tourist attraction in Malacca. Thumbs up!

Eat Roti John at Barkat Original Roti John Asli

Best simple food in Melaka is at Barkat Original Roti John Asli. Has food coma gone yet? After all, a simple and delicious dinner is the answer! What is so unique about Roti John here is that it is made up of fresh anchovies, eggs, chili and parsley. FYI, it has been in operation for over 30 years! Also serve other good foods such as ayam golek, ikan bakar, asam pedas , soto, masakan panas etc.

Lunch at Asam Pedas Pak Man on the Way Home

Best lunch at Malacca is the only Asam Pedas Pak Man, this one is memorable! Asam Pedas Ikan Jenahak, asam pedas ikan kembung, tenggiri, ikan parang, pari atau daging tetel are taste really nice. Due to its proximity to the City of Malacca, I recommend you stop by here on your way back to KL. Asam Pedas Pak Man is definitely the culmination of your perfect trip to Malacca!


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