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Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Shopping Mall

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Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Destination in Malaysia

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Eat, shop and chill

More than just a transportation hub, the Awana SkyCentral is the perfect place to make a quick pit-stop to eat, shop, and chill.

It is home to the Awana Transport Hub (Level 1) and Awana SkyWay (Awana Station, Level 4). Spread over Levels 2 and 3 are more than 20 dining, retail and service outlets, ready to serve customers who are on-the-go and have some time to spare at the mid-hill.

The Awana SkyCentral is connected to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets by two link bridges.

Daily : 10am – 10pm

Things To Do at Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang While Waiting for the Bus

Things To Do at Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang While Waiting for the Bus? Went down to the station early because you didn’t want to miss the bus? Don’t know what to do? Fret not, here’s a list of things to do that will make you want to pay a visit to the Awana SkyCentral, which is patterned after a modern-day airport and has two floors of retail outlets as well as food and beverages!

Quick Bites: Snack to Your Heart’s Content!

Taste popular snacks from Korea, China and Japan and other Asian countries! We all know Malaysian people love anything East Asian whether it be Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese. Snacks are a good way to stir up nostalgia and bring back memories of your trip. Taste of Asia offers all the best snacks that you might have seen while travelling abroad or even ones you’ve never heard of! They even have fresh food like Kimchi and frozen goods like rice cakes for you to whip up your own tteokbokki.

Heng Heng Local Delight in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Heng Heng Local Delight is a local product specialty store. Nibble on a baked sweet potato, nice and warm from the oven or try some roasted chestnuts. They have an array of packed delicacies which gives gives locals and visitors a chance to taste the authentic flavour of different states.

Pick up some local biscuits from Penang (without going all the way there). Visitors to Penang almost religiously make sure to pick up biscuits from several local stores that have stood the test of time, some of which have been around for generations. These delicacies act as great souvenirs and are a welcome treat during teatime.

Ban Heang Store in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

While the original Ban Heang store is located in Georgetown, Penang you now don’t have to go all the way there for these traditional goodies. Usual favourites include heong pheah, kacang tumbuk and liquorice nutmeg are available plus some new delights with a modern spin on it like durian crisps.

With over 20 years experience in the business, Yuen Fong Dried Meat specialises in dried meat, meat floss, traditional biscuits and even fast food like their Bak Kwa Burger or dried meat burger which is great for those on-the-go!

Country’s Tid-Bits and Candies Cottage in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Country’s Tid-Bits and Candies Cottage has more than 10 years experience in selling local tidbits such as snacks, candies, chocolates, plums and prunes. It’s a great place to buy souvenirs, and reminisce over sweeties from ‘back in the day’ like the White Rabbit Creamy Candy that will remind you of your childhood.

The Baker’s Cottage in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

What better thing to snack on during a trip than some pastry from The Baker’s Cottage? Get some warm buns from the oven. They also have ice cream, pastry, cakes, cookies and moon cakes. Go continental with a chocolate croissant or something local with a spicy flossy bun.

Edibee in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Check out some healthy pickings or indulge in some goodies at Edibee has mountains of snacks, tidbits and packaged products in their store. Specialising in Taiwanese snacks, they also have other specialty products such as black tongkat ali ginseng, hong pneah, mochi and even organic honey.

Japanese food in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Try out some really affordable Japanese food like onigiri, soft serve matcha and cheesecake ice cream or even hot octopus tofu. This outlet sees long queues forming wherever it opens and the one at Awana SkyCentral is no different.

Family Mart in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Family Mart manages to impressively pack a whole lot of fresh food and packed snacks under one roof so that you’re spoilt for choice. Pick your favourite skewered treat in tom yam or original soup. Or snack on onigiri, the classic Japanese rice ball snack. There are also bento boxes for lunch for those who want to have a quick but proper meal. Top it off with some soft serve ice cream because where else can you find this matcha dessert for RM2.90?

Restaurants: Tuck in to a Hearty Meal

Feast on some steamboat whilst enjoying the cool mountain breeze. At Tyrant Seafood Plateau, this Chinese cuisine outlet keeps the décor simple while focusing on what’s important: its gastronomical delights. There are two main courses to choose from: the Fish Head Steamboat or the Seafood Platters.

According to the proprietor, the Seafood Platters is artfully arranged differently every time. The dish is served on a platter with flames lit underneath that kept the soup nice and warm throughout the meal without overcooking the meat.

Combining old favourites and unique shellfish, there was a gorgeous mix of fried fish head, crabs, prawns, scallops, cuttlefish, squid, enoki mushrooms, mussels, octopus, and razor clams besides fresh vegetables thrown in. There are a variety of soups to choose from: Fish Soups, Tom yam Soup, Kaeng Som Soup and Sauerkraut Soup. It advisable to bring along cash as the outlet does not accept credit cards.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a multi-award winning mid-casual dining restaurant, with rotisserie roasted chicken as its main core product complemented by a wide variety of wholesome choices such as rice, salads and pasta. Finish it off with a Muffin Submarine ice cream float or Kenny’s Homemade muffin.

DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Barbeque some meat! Meat lovers and fans of Korean food, rejoice! DaoRae Korean BBQ restaurant has arrived at Genting! Rest assured, you do not have to actually barbeque the meat yourselves as the staff will do all the work. Choose which type of meat, whether marinated or otherwise that you prefer and watch it sizzle on the grill in front of you with a minimum of two orders. The meat is served with a variety of banchan or Korean side dishes and promises to be a full meal.

Dolsot Bibimbap Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

For those who don’t feel like eating meat, there are other options like Dolsot Bibimbap which includes an artfully arranged variety of vegetables and meat topped off with an egg or Japchae, Korean stir-fried glass noodles.

Nam Heong Ipoh Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Backed by 60 years of rich history, Nam Heong Ipoh stands renowned for preserving the timeless flavours of Ipoh’s culinary heritage while delivering impeccable service with outlets throughout Malaysia. They boast a wide variety of dishes including dim sum, Nam Heong’s Chicken Hor Fun and even Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun. Enjoy it with a cup of fragrant Ipoh White Coffee and finish off with a smooth Ipoh Caramel Egg Custard.

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Go for a quick take away or ‘tapao’ as Malaysian say, and snack on local Malaysian pastries at Empayar Seremban Siew Pow which has over 100 franchise outlets. Don’t miss out on trying their pineapple tarts, Seremban Pork Siew Pow or salted egg cookies. They also have rice dishes such as Braised Chicken Feet Rice or Stewed Pork Belly with Squid Rice for a full meal.

Engage in Some Retail Therapy and Go For Some Last Minute Shopping

Brands Outlet Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

Fill your wardrobe without making a dent in your wallet at none other than the newly opened Brands Outlet. Outfit yourself and your entire family, with a huge range of collections available from the same company that brought you Padini and Vincci. With trendy items and wardrobe staples, this store is a must-visit for great discounts!

Watsons in Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang

The health and beauty chain Watsons is always a welcome sight when you need to stock up on toiletries or pick up some bargain skincare. Watsons has affordable makeup brands from international and local brands like Revlon and Maybelline as well as Korean brands like Peripera. Why not pick up some health supplements while you’re at it?

Lie down for a relaxing Thai massage

Although this list turned out to be mostly about food (us Malaysians do love to eat after all), here’s something different to do. After a long day of retail therapy, why not engage in another form of therapy? Thai Odyssey has multiple outlets locally and internationally and a variety of services and spa packages to choose from.

If you’re pressed for time, go for a 30 minute foot massage or enjoy a two-hour traditional Thai massage if you have time to kill. You can also bring back some natural spa products with you to pamper yourself at home. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, just in time to get on the bus.

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Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang Best Shopping Mall


The best Malaysian street food above the clouds. Twenty of Malaysia’s best hawker names are serving up a variety of local favourites under one roof at Malaysian Food Street. A true celebration of local flavours, you are in for a remarkable Malaysian treat at Level 4, SkyAvenue and a brand new location at Level 4, Awana SkyCentral. Go on a delicious food trail and find the best hawker fare from Melaka, Ipoh, Penang, Little India, Petaling Street and Kuching (SkyAvenue only).

A Taste of Malaysia

Twenty of Malaysia’s best restaurants and chefs will take over the kitchen at Resorts World Genting, serving up a variety of local favourites. Showcasing the best of Malaysian cuisine, Malaysian Food Street is segmented into five zones – Kuching, Malacca, Ipoh & Penang, Little India and Petaling Street.

Malaysian Food Street also offers signature dishes from Kee Hiong Bak Kut Teh, Sri Paandi Curry House, Loong Kee Hokkien Mee, Kajang Satay Rono and more. A true celebration of local flavours, you are in for remarkable Malaysian treat.

Location: Level 4, Awana SkyCentral
Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm daily
Type: Local Favourites(Non-halal)

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Awana SkyCentral Genting Highlands Pahang Best Shopping Mall

GENTING HIGHLAND Cable Car Awana Sky Central to Awana Sky Avenue # Pahang Darul Makmur 15/1/2020

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