Cable Car Langkawi Skycab Kereta Kabel Malaysia

Cable Car Langkawi Skycab Kereta Kabel Malaysia

The Cable Car Langkawi, also known as Langkawi SkyCab, is one of the major attractions in Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. It provides an aerial link from the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang, which is also the location of the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The total length is 2.2 km (1.4 mi), with a journey time from the base to the top of around 15 minutes. It was officially opened in 2003.

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  • Attraction: Cable Car Langkawi Skycab Kereta Kabel Malaysia
  • Location: Kedah Malaysia
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Hovering over jungle and climbing over 550 million years old rock, SkyCab gives you more than one unique experience. Be informed, SkyCab is located at the oldest part of Southeast Asia and the first to emerge from the ancient sea and estuary! That’s something to give a goose bump if you can get the gist. Come and experience it yourself.

The Base Station is conveniently located at the foothill of the Mat Chincang mountain. From here, visitors will be taken up to the cool Mat Chincang mountain via the cable car system. The ride will be an exhilarating experience for everyone to enjoy. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna that surrounds the area.

An intermediate cable car station on the eastern ridges provides the much-desired access to the eastern cliffs with its 3 vertical chimneys and the beautiful 360-degree views. The journey from the Base Station to Middle Station will cover 1,700 meters in distance and upon reaching the Middle Station at an elevation of 650m above sea level, visitors will be able to alight and walk up to the viewing platforms. Visitors will enjoy panoramic view of the main island as well as the many surrounding islands. Visitors also be able to observe at a close range the unique flora on the ridges and the forested valley between the Middle Station and the Top Station.

A short walk up the stairs from the Top Station at an elevation of 708m above sea level and that will take visitors to the two viewing platforms at the top of Mat Chincang mountain. Visitors will be amazed at the unfolding dramatic views from the platforms, the most unique and exciting features of Mat Chincang, are dominating rock tower peaks providing spectacular 360 degrees panoramic views of the Langkawi islands and Southern Thailand as well as dramatic views of the deep chasms, overhangs cliff walls and isolated pinnacles. Such nature monuments are seldom seen anywhere else in this combination except in Langkawi.

Located in Langkawi Island Malaysia, Mount Mat Chinchang, you can see a stunning backdrop of 450-million-year-old rock formation of dense rain forest.

There are three (3) stations and there are base station, middle station and top station. Base station is a startup and located in Oriental Village, middle station is located 650 meters above sea level and top station (708 meters above sea level) is the place where you can shop for present or sending postcards to your loved ones from the post office. The duration is 15-minutes ride for 2,150 meters distance and climb up to 680 meters.

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Langkawi Cable Car is located just north of Telaga Harbour, Pantai Kok, with the entrance within ‘Oriental Village’ at the foot hill of the Mat Chincang mountain range. It is located to the north-west of the Langkawi International Airport, on the west coast of the main island of Langkawi. It is approximate 30 minutes’ drive from Kuah town and 15 minutes’ drive from Langkawi International Airport.

The cable car Langkawi project was first mooted in 1999 by the then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad when he flew over Gunung Mat Chinchang in a helicopter during his visit to Langkawi. The project was a joint venture by Doppelmayr of Austria and a local company.

SkyBridge is located at the top station of Langkawi’s cable car. The height is 708 meters above sea level where you can enjoy cooling and superb 360° panoramic view including mountain, forest, village and sea. You also can see our neighboring country, Thailand from here.

For Malaysians, the ticket prices are adult RM 43, children RM 33, adult express lane (no queuing) RM 93 and child express lane RM 83. For Non-Malaysians, the ticket is priced from adult RM 85, children (2-12) RM 65 to adult express lane (no queuing) RM 135 and children express lane RM 115.

* Express lane means no queuing before entering the SkyCab. The price includes entrance to the SkyDome, simulation roller coaster ride and Sky Rex (3D dinosaur) and 3D Art Langkawi.

For any inquiries, kindly contact,

Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd
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07000 Pulau Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Telephone: [6]04-959 4225 / 1225
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Email: [email protected]

Langkawi Cable Car or SkyCab is located on the southwest coast of the main island, just a 30-minute drive from Pekan Kuah and only 15 minutes from Langkawi International Airport by car or a taxi.

Kereta kabel Langkawi ini terletak di Gunung Mat Chinchang. Kereta kabel ini mula dibuka kepada umum pada 27 Februari 2005 untuk memudahkan pelancong tiba ke puncak gunung yang tingginya 713-meter untuk menikmati keindahan Langkawi dari puncak gunung. Panjangnya 2.2 km dan terpanjang di dunia. Panjang keseluruhan kabel ialah 919.5-meter dan telah mencipta rekod Malaysian Book of Records.


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Langkawi Cable Car the First Thing to Do "Enjoy the scenery of Langkawi Islands"

Visit Langkawi 2019 has been my best memories with my girlfriend. We had very good experience with this island. The people were so kind. About Cable Car Langkawi, we really enjoy the experience because we can see the beautiful Malaysia and the island.

Eric Lee Cantona

Brand Ambassador

Langkawi Cable Car Oh that's the best moment in this island " The Best Cable Car We Ever Ride"

As an American, I really want the best attraction whenever I came to Asia Country especially Malaysia. I really fascinated. The food is great, the people are nice, and the nature is awesome.

Paul Wong Hyundai


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Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd,
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07000 Langkawi, Kedah, MALAYSIA
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