Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Get Information for Honeybee Farm and understand the benefit of raw pure Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Buy fresh honey by this farm beside others product such as juice, honey lotion and soap made by honey from various resources

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  • Attraction: Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Attraction in Malaysia

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Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands – Cameron Bee Farm Garden is a cradle for our [1 million] bee residents. All pesticides are stopped at the doorstep so that our bees and flowers can grow in a healthy environment. As a result, our garden retains a distinct ruggedness. Be it other insects’ occasional cheeky weed, we invite you to uncover the special little details in our garden honeybee’s natural habitat. Remember, don’t pick fruits!

Worker Bee

We have two sets of chromosomes and were produced from an egg from the Queen, there’s roughly about 60,000 of us in one family. We have many duties starting from cleaning our little room after eating through our capped brood cell, feed brood, receive nectar, clean hive, guard duty and foraging. Some of us also have a specialized duty, including removing dead bees from inside the hive.

Drone Bee

We have one set of chromosomes and exist for the purpose of reproduction. We are produced by the queen if she chooses not to fertilize an egg or by an unfertilized laying worker. It takes 24 days for us to develop, and all of us were born from summer through to autumn, there’s about 500 of us in one family. We will be expelled from the hive during winter months, to keep the hive warm and preserve the food for the youth and needed. We cannot defend the hive or kill intruders because we are born without a stinger

Queen Bee

I am the most important part of this family, carrying the only role to lay fertilized eggs. My ability to produce a lot of eggs, up to 2.000 eggs on a single day is a determination of a strong family. I mate with drone bees early in life and store up millions of sperm in my boy, and I live about 5 years but only two to three years of my life for reproduce eggs. When there is another queen bee born, we will fight for the crown and the one who lose will need to leave and hive and form a new family.

The benefits of raw honey are:

  • Highly Nutritious Natural Tonic
  • Promote Metabolism, Prevent Constipation
  • Reduce insomnia, Relieve Stress
  • Improve immunity, Improve Appetite

Understanding Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Walk among flowers and bees

No entrance fee is charged to visit its farm. One will find various kinds of flowers with bees roaming around. But do note that one is required to take a long walk down the stairs to reach the farm.

Great place for children

It was after a heavy downpour that we reached this farm. All bees were in hiding. Only a few hangings outside of their hives. The place is quite large with lots of souvenirs and honey related products for sales, but we didn’t buy anything because we felt the honey products were a bit expensive. The garden where the bees were kept was a bit slippery due to rain. There were stairs and slopes which made it rather dangerous for old folks. Overall, it is a pleasant place to visit on a sunny day.

Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands

In Cameron Highlands also have honeybee farm, that is a place for bee breeding area which is placed into honeycomb to produced honey. The tourist can buy fresh honey which is produced by this farm beside others product such as juice, honey lotion and soap made by honey.

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Honeybee Farm Cameron Highlands

Ee Feng Gu Honeybee Farm, Bee farms is a novelty in Cameron Highlands, producing a modest range of delicious honey and derivative products for sale and show to visitors. Free to enter, these farms often combine their primary attraction with souvenir shops, vegetable markets and interactive activities for children. As local bee populations are not enough to sustain local supply, honey sold here is also sourced from wild and domestic sources all over Malaysia.

Learning experience for kids. There were honeybee boxes with bees buzzing around. Big models of bees were there in the garden. You need to walk down the stairway to reach the garden which could be bit difficult for the elderly.

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No 75, Batu 43, Green Cow,
39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-496 1951