KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Taman Rekreasi

KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Taman Rekreasi

KLCC Park is a 50-acre garden set close to Suria shopping center is the greatest landmark of Malaysia which is Petronas Twin Tower. What can you do here and what are nearby attractions? Read here for more information about the best destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Taman Rekreasi Summary

  • Attraction: KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Taman Rekreasi
  • Location: KL Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Park in Malaysia

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KLCC Park Features

The best features you can find here are:

  • Lake Symphony is a 10,000 square meter man-made lake with water fountains. The main fountain can shoot water up to a height of 18 metres. At night, there are lights, music and fountains daily.
  • Jogging Track and Footpath: A 1.3 km. long jogging track is covered with EPDM, a special rubberized material for comfort and safety. Rest areas are provided along interconnecting footpaths and numbered on the local map.
  • Ornamental Water Features: Various waterfalls, fountains, cascade and reflecting pools are scattered around the park.
  • Children Playground: A children’s playground with a public pool is located on the west side of the park.
  • Mosque at KLCC Park: As Syakirin Mosque.

More KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Taman Rekreasi

KLCC Park offers more than lush greenery in the city. This 50-acre urban sanctuary offers a host of amenities for the public’s enjoyment – from a two-acre children’s playground, wading pool and jogging track to shelters and benches, patterned footpaths and sculptures. One of the main attractions is the 10,000 sq ft man-made Lake Symphony sited at the esplanade outside Suria KLCC. Comprised of two fountains programmed with 150 magical, dramatic animations, the musical fountain and its ‘dancing’ waters are a sight to behold.

Malaysia’s Iconic Experience in Kuala Lumpur (MIEKL)

Malaysia’s Iconic Experience in Kuala Lumpur (MIEKL) is in line with KLCC Property Holdings Berhad’s ‘Iconic Malaysia’ project to promote the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) precinct as a must-visit destination and a one-stop hub for work, play, shop, visit and to live.

PETRONAS Twin Towers

This engineering feat of unparalleled stature is internationally recognized as an architectural symbol of Malaysia’s coming of age as an industrialized nation. Petronas Twin Tower or Menara Berkembar Petronas was designed by world-renowned architect Cesar Pelli, the PETRONAS Twin Towers are linked at the 41st and 42nd levels by a distinctive Skybridge, which is open to the public at selected hours.

Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC Malaysia’s premier shopping and entertainment center is only a step away from the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. It offers over six levels of specialty shops, cafés, eateries, movie theatres and themed restaurants. From international designer brands to local couture, accessories and home furnishing. This is a shopaholic’s paradise in Malaysia.

Aquaria KLCC Kuala Lumpur

In the evenings, this educational visitor attraction located below the Centre can be transformed into a breathtaking underwater world setting for an exclusive reception – a first in Malaysia.

Dewan Philharmonic PETRONAS

This hall can accommodate 865-seat Dewan (hall) Philharmonic PETRONAS is located at the podium level between the PETRONAS Twin Towers.


Petrosains is a high-tech science discovery centre that focuses on the oil and gas industry, Petrosains aims to stimulate interest in science and technology, in particular petroleum science. Petrosains is a highly interactive in nature, visitors are encouraged to touch, feel and manipulate displays and exhibits. An educational adventure for both children and adults.


This spacious gallery reflects the diversity of Malaysian and global artistic strokes. Catering to both traditional and contemporary art enthusiasts, the Galleri PETRONAS features various types of art, from painting and sculpture to multimedia experimental works.

Asy’ Syakirin Mosque

Step into one of KL’s most majestic mosques that exudes a touch of the Middle East. Also known as the “Jewel in the Park”, the Asy’Syakirin Mosque was finished by skilled craftsmen from Uzbekistan who rendered intricate carvings and calligraphy on the interior and internal facade of the dome.

*Credit: en.wikipedia.org, klccconventioncentre.com, visitkl.gov.my

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KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was designed by Roberto Burle Marx. It is said that it was the last work undertaken by the Brazilian architect. When the park was designed, the aim was to “leave the world a little more sensitive and a little more educated to the importance of nature”.

The KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was designed to showcase a heritage of tropical greenery by integrating man’s creation with nature. The park itself contrasts as a calm environment in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city. The park features many combinations of man-made design such as cements, water features and also natural features such as trees, shrubs, stones and wood. Elements of shape and topography were created to give an illusion of space. The combination of trees, shrubs and sculptures were arranged to provide color and form to the park.

There are many things that attract visitor to come here. The attractions are Lake Symphony, footpath, jogging track, ornamental water, children playground and KLCC Mosque.

Under ‘Iconic Malaysia’ are 11 attractions – Suria KLCC, Petronas Twin Towers, Dewan Philharmonic Petronas, Aquaria, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Impiana Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Galeri Petronas, Petrosains, the KLCC park and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas is Malaysia’s first dedicated classical concert venue, Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS is home to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. State-of-the-art acoustics ensure audiences remain enthralled by the orchestra’s and visiting artistes’ presentations of classical pieces and more.

Sedikit info yang berguna mengenai yang perlu anda tahu mengenai taman hebat di Kuala Lumpur ini adalah:

  • Taman berhadapan pusat membeli-belah Suria KLCC.
  • Ia dibuka serentak sempena pembukaan Menara Berkembar PETRONAS pada tahun 1999.
  • Ia turut memiliki jambatan sepanjang 43-meter melintasi tasik dan menjadi lokasi terbaik untuk bergambar berlatar belakangkan Menara Berkembar Petronas.
  • Terdapat tasik buatan, Lake Symphony dengan keluasan 10,000-meter persegi berserta sistem air pancutan setinggi 42-meter dengan pencahayaan berwarna-warni yang boleh diatur cara.
  • Ia mendapat cetusan idea oleh jurubina dari Brazil, Roberto Burle Marx.

KLCC is located in Kuala Lumpur and if you are looking for other activities and attractions, you can go to several places such as:

  • Malaysia’s Iconic Experience in Kuala Lumpur (MIEKL)
  • Petronas Twin Tower (Menara Berkembar Petronas).
  • Suria KLCC, one of the shopping malls in Malaysia.
  • Aquaria for underwater experience.
  • Dewan Filharmonik Petronas for classical concert and orchestra.
  • Petrosainsfor oil and gas technology discovery.
  • Petronas Gallery where painting, sculpture and multimedia art.
  • Masjid Asy’ Syakirin, one of the best mosques in Malaysa.

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Park Inside City Center Beautiful Scenary

We are group of people from Finland, England, Thailand feels the best of KL when you are visiting KLCC Park. Even it is close to each other (the building and other attraction, but guess what, it took only one full day to explore!

Sunil Khan Idris Khan Oliver Kahn


Jom Ler Mai Tempat Best Wei

Lepas PKP ni memang kami mai dari Kedah dengan kawan-kawan naik kereta sewa ke Kuala Lumpur dan lokasi yang best adalah di KLCC Park. Terbaik tempat nya. Kami boleh abadikan dalam photo handphone kami. Tambahan kami baru beli handphone Huawei baru. Memang ambil gambar sahaja

Ashraff Boskur

Peniaga Pasar Malam

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