The best detailing products for your car! Meguair's is the top brand of car detalings. Their top products line are divided into 2 categories professional line and ethuasist line.


Meguiar's Car Shampoo

G-17748 Meguiar's® Ultimate Wash & Wax

G-17748 Meguiar's® Ultimate Wash & Wax
Meguiar's® Ultimate Wash & Wax is the perfect way to clean and shine your car's finish in-between regular waxing by boosting your wax protection, glossiness and shine! It is compatible with all Meguiar's® washes and waxes.
Leaves a deep, glossy, just-waxed shine
Carnauba and synthetic polymer technology
Incredible sudsing action safely lifts dirt and grime


G-7164 Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

G-7164 Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner

Meguiar's® Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner is a rich and luxurious product designed to both wash and condition paint in one easy step. The premium formula gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without compromising wax protection.

  • Gently foams away dirt and grime
  • Washes & conditions paint in one step!
  • Rich, luxurious look


G-12664 Meguiar's® NXT Generation Car Wash

G-12664 Meguiar's® NXT Generation Car Wash

Meguiar's® NXT Generation Car Wash is a completely synthetic polymer-based shampoo that penetrates, emulsifies and dissolves dirt without stripping off wax protection. The pH balanced formula will gently, yet effectively remove the toughest road grime and surface contaminants.

  • Gentle on all painted finishes as well as rubber, vinyl and plastic components
  • pH balanced, non-detergent formula does not strip off wax protection
  • Loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime
  • Provides deep, dark, brilliant shine


G-3626 Meguiar's® Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax

No water? NO PROBLEM! Safely wash & wax your car anywhere, WITHOUT WATER!

  • Safely cleans more dirt than a spray detailer and leaves hydrophobic wax protection.
  • Cost effective: 1 bottle will wash & wax 3-5 average cars.


Meguair's Clean/ Prep

A-3316 Meguiar's® Quik Detailer®

A-3316 Meguiar's® Quik Detailer®

Meguiar's® Quik Detailer® is necessary to lubricate the surface whenever you clay your vehicle and can be used by itself to maintain your vehicle's appearance.

  • Removes harmful contaminants before they damage your paint finish
  • Keeps a waxed car looking "just waxed"


G-10307 Meguiar's® Scratch X 2.0

G-10307 Meguiar's® Scratch X 2.0

Scratch X 2.0 is the must have cleaner for isolated paint problems because its micro-abrasives help in the removal of fine scratches, blemishes, oxidation, light stains and surface contaminants from the vehicles paint. Scratch X 2.0 formula will not damage the paint, and will restore the brilliance and clear finish of the painted surfaces.

  • Clear coat safe!
  • Quickly removes fine scratches, fingernail marks, paint transfer & parking lot scuffs


G-17216 Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound

G-17216 Meguiar's® Ultimate Compound

Safely restore color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes with Meguiar’s® Ultimate Compound. Meguiar's® revolutionary formula and exclusive micro-abrasive technology cuts as fast as harsh, gritty abrasive compounds, but without scratching on clear coat finishes. This dramatically reduces the time and effort required to remove defects and improves paint's appearance, when compared to traditional rubbing and polishing compounds.

  • Cuts fast, but will not scratch
  • Removes oxidation, light scratches, water spots and bird droppings
  • Use by hand or with Dual Action (DA) Polisher


G-1016 Meguiar's® Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit

G-1016 Meguiar's® Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit

Make your wax protection last longer by removing above surface contaminants while restoring a smooth-as-glass finish with Meguiar’s® Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit. Our non-abrasive clay bar safely, easily and instantly removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental contaminants and more, making wax easier and long lasting.

  • ​Makes waxing easier & longer lasting
  • Safely removes bonded contaminants
  • Contains 2 -80g clay bars, 16oz. Quik Detailer® & Supreme Shine® Microfiber Towel®


G-1001EU Meguiar's® Smooth Surface Clay Bar Replacement

G-1001EU Meguiar's® Smooth Surface Clay Bar Replacement

Our replacement clay bar makes it convenient for you to replace just the clay contained in our clay kits. This non-abrasive clay bar safely, easily and instantly removes paint overspray, fallout, environmental contaminants and more, making waxing easier and more durable. Always use a spray detailer like Meguiar's® Quik Detailer® with this product.

  • Contains 1 -50gm clay bar


Meguair's Polish

G-19216 Meguiar's® Ultimate Polish

Meguiar's® Ultimate Polish
The final step before waxing for maximum gloss & reflectivity.

  • Maximizes gloss and deepens color
  • Contains rich polishing oils
  • Follow Ultimate Compound with Ultimate Polish for a flawless paint finish
  • Use right before applying wax
  • Eliminates fine swirls


Meguiar's Wax/Protect

Meguiar's G191016 3in1 Wax

Not everyone has the time or energy to do multiple steps cleaning, polishing and waxing their car. Meguiar’s now has an amazing solution with Meguiar’s 3-in-1 Wax. This unique formula clean, polishes and protects, delivering amazing results all in one simple step! Advanced abrasive technology quickly and safely removes swirls, water spots and other in paint blemishes. Rich polishing oils add depth, color and fullness of gloss and shine. This formula is also a unique blend of carnauba wax and synthetic wax that provides a resilient water beading action with a durable, protective barrier between your paint and the elements. Meguiar’s 3-in-1 Wax is an easy to use wax that removes defects, enhances shine and delivers durable wax protection, and is easy to apply and remove without sacrificing amazing results on your car.

CLEANER WAX: Liquid wax cleans, polishes & protects in one easy to use wax 

CLEANS PAINT: Gently cleans paint removing minor defects while offering wax protection 

HIGH GLOSS SHINE: Delivers increased depth of color, gloss and shine.

LONG-LASTING PROTECTION: Provides long-lasting wax protection from the elements 

EASE OF USE: Easier to use than traditional carnauba wax