Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest in Malaysia

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest in Malaysia

Get Information for Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands is the oldest forest in Malaysia about 200 million years old. One of the best attractions in Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Read more from various resources

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  • Attraction: Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Oldest Forest in Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Forest in Malaysia

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About Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands, the oldest forest in Malaysia

ENTER the Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang and you will encounter an enchanted forest where thick moss hugs tree trunks from the top to the ground, complete with gnarly roots covered with lichens, ferns and orchids. The forest is damp, gloomy and chilly. Walking through it, all kinds of feelings emerge, from appreciating its beautiful landscape to feeling spooked at times. It is uncannily very quiet here, and when the wind blows, it feels as if someone is whispering behind the trees.

I made a trip to Cameron Highland recently to experience Mossy Forest with fellow hikers. Overall, the hike was surreal. It is the kind of place that one would imagine as the setting for the moors of Maleficent or Fangorn Forest of the Lord of The Rings.

The entry fee for a 200m walk was around RM10.

Gunung Irau is the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands and the 15th highest in Malaysia.

Mossy Forest the Oldest Forest in Malaysia Hikers

Mossy Forest, touted to be the oldest forest in Malaysia, is around 200 million years old and is a home to ancient trees. Locals believe that the forest could have existed during the time of the dinosaurs. Honestly, I did not know that this place existed until two weeks before this trip. The initial plan was to visit Cameron Highlands and to go on several short hikes. But when a friend showed me photographs of this mystical-looking forest, I knew I had to go there. Alas, just a few days before my trip, I found out that the authorities had closed several trails on Mount Brinchang and Mount Irau because of landslides.

Many hikers have come across Mossy Forest while hiking at Mount Irau and Mount Brinchang. Mount Brinchang and Mount Irau are among seven mountains in Cameron Highlands that are more than 1, 500m high, part of the Titiwangsa Range, the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia.

The Recommended Trail

There are about 14 recommended trails to explore in these mountains. Frustrated and with limited information on the alternative’s routes to Mossy Forest, I decided to contact a local guide whom I had found on the Internet. Sathur, who runs his own travel agency called Let’s Go Discovery, suggested that I book a morning tour of Mossy Forest which allowed visitors on the boardwalk as many trails were closed. When I told him that I wanted to set foot on the centre of Mossy Forest, he recommended a private tour. Although I was a little skeptical, I already had my mind set on making this trip happen.

Luck on our side

A day before our hike, it was raining in Cameron Highlands, and this made us anxious. However, it turned out to be sunny the next day. According to Sathur, it was quite unusual for Cameron Highlands to have such weather. “Usually, it is dry in the morning and rainy in the evening,” he said. The first part of we visited could be accessed by car. The government had built a boardwalk to preserve the land as there has been an influx of tourists to the area in recent times.


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Perjalanan Ke Mossy Forest Gunung Brinchang (CAMERON HIGHLAND 2020)

Dalam video kali ni saya sediakan footage perjalanan nak ke Mossy Forest Cameron Highland. Bermula dari mainroad Kea Farm naik ke atas sejauh 9km. Pendapat saya menasihatkan bagi korang yang nak ke sini boleh menggunakan khidmat pengangkutan 4x4 yg di sediakan. Ataupun menaiki motosikal oleh kerana keadaan jalan yang agak teruk.


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