Orang Asli and Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands

Orang Asli and Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands

Orang Asli and Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands are two (2) most attracted destinations in Cameron Highlands Malaysia. Many tourists like to see and understand the life of orang asli. In this episode, we will provide all necessary information about this attraction. Read here for more info.

Orang Asli and Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands Summary

  • Attraction: Orang Asli and Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Forest in Malaysia

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Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands

John reappeared and asked whether he could join us for the trek to Gunung Perdah. We were happy for the company. From Mount Jasar peak, we proceed straight (12 o’clock) across the peak from where we came from to the trail head for Gunung Perdah. It was downhill most of the way and the trek got denser. Eventually, the surrounding changed to the mossy forest type. It was cool and damp as the sun is blocked by the tall trees. From the mossy forest, we begin to climb again.

The mossy forest is similar but in a much smaller scale as compared with the mossy forest in the Irau trek. As we pushed past the mossy forest, we reached the Gunung Perdah Peak (5,173 feet) which is a tiny bald open spot. It was refreshing to be in the open and to have the vast skies over us. We took about 40 minutes to trek from Mount Jasar peak to reach Gunung Perdah peak. It was time for our lunch, and we cooked Maggi mee with eggs. We also had hot coffee which was timely as the mist started to blow in and the temperature dropped sharply.

From the Gunung Perdah Peak, we could see Gunung Irau amidst the mist.

Sg Ruil Orang Asli Settlement Cameron Highlands Malaysia

It started to drizzle, and we decided to take a short cut to an Orang Asli village after consulting an Orang Asli uncle who was passing by. It was only 15 minutes to the Orang Asli Village from the Perdah Peak while it was 40 minutes to get back to Tanah Rata through the jungle. We reckoned that if it rained at least, we will be walking on proper roads after reaching the village. Following the trail out of the Perdah Jungle, we were greeted with an Orang Asli house in the mist.

The view was somewhat mystical and foreign. Something which we did not expect in Cameron Highlands.

Sg Ruil Orang Asli Village Cameron Highlands

Walking past the house on the hill slope, we could see a whole village in the mist. This is the Sg Ruil Orang Asli Village

It was truly a beautiful village in the hills. We were not prepared for this pleasant surprise. It was supposed to be just a moderate 4-hour trek, but it turned out to be much more, great weather, beautiful terrain and to top it all, a cultural experience.

When we reached the Orang Asli village, we found the local indigenous people having a dance class in their community stage. This was really the highlight of our trek. It was impromptu but it felt like it was made for us. Something out of a Lonely Planet travel book.

We stayed and watched. We were invited to join the dance which we shyly declined. But I took a lot of pictures, and the people were very obliging, and the children were posing for us. What a way to end a beautiful day!

It begins to pour but our spirits were up. From the village, we walked 35 minutes in the rain on a dirt road to get back to Tanah Rata.

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