Pangkor Island, Perak: Serenity Meets Tropical Bliss!

Pulau Pangkor Island Perak Holiday Destination Malaysia

Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island) is one of best holiday destination Malaysia for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Fishing settlements and resorts are perfect for vacation. Click here for more details.

Pangkor Island is one of the most enchanting holiday destination islands in the country for its beautiful beaches and its crystal clear water.

Pangkor Island | Pulau Pangkor Perak Holiday Destination Malaysia Summary

  • Attaction: Pangkor Island | Pulau Pangkor Perak Holiday Destination Malaysia
  • Location: Perak, Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Island in Malaysia

About Pulau Pangkor Malaysia

Pangkor Island is one of the most enchanting holiday destination islands in the country for its beautiful beaches and its crystal clear water.

Pangkor, with its charming mix of fishing settlements and resorts, is a fascinating and convenient holiday destination. It presents the visitor with a rare chance to live near fishermen and observe their lifestyle and also to simply enjoy the fine beaches and resort amenities.

The fishermen live in scattered settlements on the eastern side, facing the town of Lumut and Teluk Batik. Visitors get a chance to see some of them on the 40-minute ferry ride from Lumut as the ferry stops at the main settlements of Sungai Pinang Kecil and Sungai Pinang Besar before landing at Pangkor Town.

Pangkor’s popular beach

Pangkor’s two popular beach areas of Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah offer sun and sea enthusiasts activities like scuba-diving, snorkelling, wind-surfing and fishing.

While Pasir Bogak is quite developed, Teluk Nipah still retains its kampung or village atmosphere. Teluk Ketapang or Turtle Bay still receives turtles on their egg-laying pilgrimages. Some of the resorts on the island also have excellent golf courses on their property.

Cultural and Experiential Learning Tour at Lumut: Discover Lumut ~ Pangkor

Explore and learn in depth by participating and achieve an understanding regarding handmade arts and crafts, Fu Zhou’s cultural works such as handmade noodles, signature snacks or biscuits; health care learning; gain experience by exploring community or local’s classic food or itinerary tour not well-known to tourists.

History of Pulau Pangkor Malaysia from Wikipedia

History Pulau Pangkor Malaysia

Historically, Pangkor was a refuge for local fishermen, merchants and pirates. In the 17th century, the Dutch built a fort to control the Perak tin trade known as the Dutch Fort. In 1874, it was the location of a historical treaty between the British government and a contender for the Perak throne (the Pangkor Treaty), which began the British colonial domination of the Malay Peninsula.

The old British name for the Pangkor Island group was the Dindings.

In 2003, Marina Island (a man-made island) was developed by the Marina Island Group of companies and began operation in 2010, with private investment of 250 million ringgit million by 2013.

The integrated mixed development resort island consists of waterfront residential properties, a new jetty (Marina Island Jetty), a private commercial marina called Pangkor Marina Malaysia, service apartments, hotels and shop offices. The jetty has a ferry service which connects to the island.

2004-2014 was a period of high growth and development for the island and the surrounding district.[4] In 2006, a biotechnology centre, a joint venture of Global Hi-Q Malaysia S/B and Hi-Q Bio-Tech International (Taiwan) Ltd began operations with initial investments of 100 million ringgit (USD 30 million). Their operations include fish farming and aquaculture, and the first harvest was expected in 2009.

On 19 February 2010, the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Shah, visited the island.

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Best Things To Do in Pangkor Island │Malaysia Travel Guide

Pangkor Island Perak Holiday Destination Malaysia

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Pulau Pangkor or Pangkor Island is the best honeymoon destination in Malaysia. Pangkor Island, which means Beautiful Island. It is the name comes from the Thai 'Pang Ko'. Pangkor is the main island, and next to that a trio of smaller islands: Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor, and Pulau Giam.

Travel to Pangkor Island is easy and convenient, with just 10 mins ferry ride from Marina Island Jetty.

Pangkor Island is occupied with beautiful beaches (WhiteSand), it is definitely the ideal destination or getaway for honeymoon, tourist, friend, and family. It was famous as a Paradise Island that comes with different experiences such as fun with Island Hopping and water sport, chill with bikini / beachwear by the beach for Sunset, adventure / exploring into the sea with snorkeling.

If you want beyond the experience, you may be lucky to see and experience the journey of Local Fishermen's fishing process.

Places in this video:

  • Ferry ride from Marina Island (Marina Jetty)
  • Pasir Bogak / Bogak Bay for horse riding and watersports
  • Pasir Teluk Dalam / Teluk Dalam Bay for private beach
  • Pasir Teluk Ketapang / Tortoise Bay for beautiful WhiteSand
  • Fu Lin Kong Temple to see the miniature replica of The Great Wall of China
  • Dutch Fort for the history of Pangkor
  • Island Hopping to Monkey Bay, Whale Rock, Coral Island Snorkelling, and Giam Island / Pulau Giam.
  • Beautiful sunset by Teluk Nipah / Nipah Bay




Pulau Pangkor Perak Holiday Destination Malaysia

Today we went to Coral beach not far from where we are staying on Pangkor island. A nice, smooth, clean and amazing beach really. The water ist cristal clear and entices to swim. One of the true unknown gems of Malaysia. I really am surprised that this is not more known.

Moonshine and Lemongrass

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