The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Snorkeling Diving

The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Snorkeling Diving

The Barat Tioman Beach Resort. Get the latest info about Snorkeling, Diving Packages and promotion. You can stay and enjoy nature-inspired adventures. Welcome to a taste of island life. The Barat Tioman Beach Resort warmly invites you to discover an unspoiled natural paradise located on the east side of Pulau Tioman, with a 2km long stretch of golden sand beach offering an exciting assortment of sea and land-based adventures, eco-tourism attractions and facilities throughout the year.

The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Snorkeling Diving Summary

  • Attraction: The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Snorkeling Diving
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Island in Malaysia

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Stay at The Barat Tioman

Discover Nature-inspired Adventures

Hidden away on the east coast of Pulau Tioman, Juara Beach retains the charm of a secluded, unspoilt 2km long golden sand beach, voted by CNN as the No.21 most beautiful beach in the world, amidst the peaceful village of Kampung Juara. Here, discover the warm and welcoming ambience of The Barat Tioman Beach Resort.

Located on 5 acres of sprawling beachfront property, The Barat Tioman invites you to stay in air-conditioned comfort in one of our 56 spacious rooms with modern amenities. After an exciting day of discovering nature-inspired adventures, cool down by the swimming pool with a refreshing drink from our rooftop Skybar, or enjoy delicious bites against an ocean view at Barat Restaurant with your family and friends before heading back to your room for a hot shower and relaxing time as you watch TV.

You can discover nature-inspired adventure, discover Juara Beach (also known as The Long Beach of Pulu Tioman) and discover the island rich in flora and fauna in Pulau Tioman.

Discover Tioman Island Malaysia

Discover Juara Beach

The Long Beach of Pulau Tioman

Kampung Juara is the only village on the east coast of Pulau Tioman that is accessible by road. This relatively undiscovered part of the island features the quiet and tranquil Juara Beach, which is the ideal venue for sea and water sports activities.

Here, you can swim, kayak, surf, or stand up paddle board on the clear blue waters. Under the sea, the fascinating marine ecosystem beckons you to snorkel or scuba dive to explore the wonders of the ocean. A trip to the waterfalls will leave you feeling refreshed while a jungle trek through the tropical rainforest will allow you to discover the local wildlife. You can also learn more about turtle conservation at the neighbouring turtle sanctuary or play a game of beach football or beach volleyball as you enjoy the warmth of the soft, smooth sand under your feet.

Visit The Barat Tioman’s Recreation Centre to explore all these adventures and more with the help of our experienced recreation guides.

Discover Pulau Tioman

An island rich in flora and fauna

Pulau Tioman is teeming with marine life and coral reefs, and is a haven for nature lovers to enjoy and explore. The island’s sandy golden beaches, warm seas, lush rainforest, and endless sunshine make it one of Southeast Asia’s most attractive travel destinations. According to legend Pulau Tioman which is located on the east coast of Pahang in Malaysia, was the rest stop of a beautiful dragon princess who whilst flying to visit her prince in Singapore fell in love with the surrounding waters and decided to settle there permanently by transforming her body into an island. The twin peaks, Pulau Tioman’s famous landmarks, are believed to resemble the ears of the legendary princess.

Hidden within Pulau Tioman’s tropical rainforests you can spot macaques, black giant squirrels, and various bird species which feed on local fruits. During the day, giant Asian water monitor lizards surface in search of food while colourful snakes and agamid lizards that resemble small dinosaurs play hide and seek among large tree trunks. At night, watch out as slow lorises, brush-tailed porcupines, civets, and mouse deers come to life as you listen to the sound of katydids and cicadas fill the air.

Pulau Tioman’s duty-free status is another attraction as tourists can buy chocolates, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes at duty free prices.


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Perjalananku ke Pulau Tioman. The Barat Tioman Beach Resort. Tioman Island, Malaysia. 2020

Perjalananku ke Pulau Tioman bersama keluargaku. Perjalanan dari Jeti Mersing dengan menaiki feri ke jeti Kampung Tekek, Pulau Tioman mengambil masa 2 jam perjalanan. Setelah sampai Kampung Tekek, Pulau Tioman kami menaiki kereta pacuan empat roda menuju Kampung Juara iaitu di mana kami bermalam Di The Barat Tioman Beach Resort. Perjalanan sejauh 8km dalam masa 20 minit. Kami sekeluarga menginap di Barat Tioman Beach Resort selama tiga hari dua malam.

Amri Najib

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