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Scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Tioman Island Pahang Malaysia apart from snorkeling, marine park, island hoping. Get the latest information about diving course in Tioman Island from trusted resources here.

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Tioman Island is said to be the final resting place of a fabled dragon princess from China. Legend has it that on her way to visit a prince in Temasek (Singapore), she made a stop at Tioman where she immediately fell in love with the charms and beauty of the island. She decided to dedicate her life to weary travelers by giving them shelter and comfort while resting on the island.

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About 58 kilometers off Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast, in the South China Sea, lies Tioman Island, a tear-shaped island paradise. Tioman Island, measuring 38 kilometers long and 19 kilometers at its widest, is the largest in a group of the 64 volcanic islands. The striking profile of the twin peaks of Simukut Mountain provides a remarkable landmark to this beautiful island, reputed to be one of the ten most beautiful and idyllic island in the world.


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Tioman Island Scuba Diving | PADI Open Water Diver Course | MALAYSIA 2019

One of the best things in Malaysia are its beautiful tropical islands that features breathtaking coral reefs and amazing sea life. We wanted to take in as much as we can and explore the beauty that lies underwater. Join us as we start our journey as scuba divers with the PADI Open Water Diver Course in one of Malaysia's famous islands for diving, Pulau Tioman.

Puri and Sue

" Tioman Island - Discover Scuba Diving"

Welcome to Honest Hotels! Malaysia is truly blessed with abundance of coastal lines and beautiful islands. It is located within the coral triangle sharing among neighboring countries. This area is blessed with diverse marine life from fishes to corals waiting to be discovered. On this episode, we follow and experience the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course conducted at B&J Dive Centre by Instructor Mr. Mok. Having been diving for many years, Ines from Spain is indeed a natural underwater displaying exceptional skill. Her enthusiasm and excitement definitely a highlight for a great diving day.

Scuba diving is not only an addictive sport for many, but also a lifestyle people adopt as a way to travel and enjoy life. Let the underwater realm memorize you with her wonders and shall forever holds dear to heart and soul. It is only natural going back to where we all are originated from.

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