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Time Tunnel Local Museum

The Time Tunnel is billed as “The Local Museum”, the first memorabilia museum in Malaysia. Opened since February 2007, it’s the brainchild of 45-year-old See Kok Shan, an avid collector who believes that all that’s old is gold.

See grew up in Cameron Highlands. So in addition to what he buys, he also has lots of interesting stuff about the resort town, especially old pictures. There’s a comparison picture of the Convent Primary School building in Tanah Rata and one dating back to the 1950s when it served as the British Military Hospital. According to a framed handwritten note, it used to be a boarding school for European children from 1935 to 1941, before the Japanese Occupation. He even has a blown-up picture of P.Ramlee’s old identity card.

There are two exhibition levels in Time Tunnel. Hop up a short flight of steps and you’d find yourself along a narrow ledge with exhibits on the floor, on tables and on shelves at eye-level.
“This is one of the most popular sections, especially with old aunties,” says See, chuckling as he recalls how an old woman, mesmerised and lost in her own memories of when she was a child herself, just stood there for the longest time. This is the kitchen section with a display of an old makeshift stove as well as charcoal stoves, kerosene stoves, charcoal iron, grinding stones, old tiffin carriers and meat-safes with wire-netting on the doors.

“Visitors, especially those aged 50 and above, are thrilled to see all these things from their childhood,” says See. “notice that Singaporeans in particular, love the place and theyd bring their children and grandchildren and point out to them all the exhibits.”

Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands Ticket Price

Adult: RM5.00
Child: RM3.00

Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands Business Hour

OPENING HOURS : 9.00am – 6.00pm daily

Address Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands

Time Tunnel UT/MR/F-255, Jalan Sungai Burong, 39100 Brinchang
Cameron Highlands.

Welcome to Time-Tunnel, Cameron Highlands!

Take a peek into the past of Cameron Highlands through photographs. This is a “must visit” if you want to learn about the history behind Cameron Highlands.

A lot of the photos depicting the past are from personal collections of the locals who’s been here since the pre-war days.

Interesting at Time-Tunnel are :-

  • A hugh collection of memorabilia from the past.
  • Visitors at the Jim Thompson section
  • The Merdeka section

Located along the main road between Brinchang and Kea Farm.

BRINCHANG: Cameron Highland’s famed Time-Tunnel was almost burnt down on Sunday night after a row of shop lots caught fire. The Sunday fire completely destroyed the adjacent buildings including a sundry shop and a fruit store, leaving little but black smoke and debris in its wake.

The founder of Time Tunnel, See Kok Shan, said his private museum was 90 per cent intact.

“It was a close shave, the firemen managed to put out the flames just in time. “There are some damages but the museum should be up and running again in a month’s time,” he told the New Straits Times.

One another note, See dismissed rumours that the Time-Tunnel would be gone in the near future. There was talk of dismantling or relocating the building to make way for a hotel on the piece of land where the Time Tunnel currently sits. The Time Tunnel is located along Jalan Sungai Burung and it is about 1.5km from Brinchang. See opened the Time-Tunnel in February 2007 after visiting small, private museums in the British countryside, which inspired him. At the Time-Tunnel, visitors can travel back in time as the museum is filled with pictures of Cameron Highlands from as far back at the 1950s till today.

The old photos include that of the Convent Primary School building in Tanah Rata, which used to be the British Military Hospital. The story about the Thailand’s “King of Silk” Jim, who disappeared in 1967, is also displayed here under the headline “What Really Happened To Jim Thompson?”. It is also filled with memorabilia such as old school textbooks, jewellery, posters, and soda bottles.

According to a spokesperson from the Pahang Fire and Rescue Department, the fire is believed to have started due to faulty wiring.

Masih lagi cerita pasal Cameron Highlands…sebenonya ini adalah kali ke 3 aku kesini…pertamanya masa pertengahan 90an… kali kedua beberapa tahun yang lepas…tak banyak bezanya dulu dan sekarang…cuma dulunya aku rasa lebih sejuk kat sini…ok la dulu jalan ke kilang boh teh tu takder tar…tak banyak hotel/apartment macam sekarang…tak banyak pembangunan…mungkin itu antara sebab cuaca dah tak berapa sejuk kat sini kot.

Tapi ada satu tempat baru yang menarik minat aku…tempat tersebut adalah The Time Tunnel di Brinchang…tak susah cari…tepi jalan…kalau tak tido sure nampak punya…tiket dewasa RM5..kanak2 RM3…kalau aku tak silap ler…

Bagi peminat sejarah macam aku…tempat ni memang best…terutama pasal banyak benda2 dari zaman 80an…memang a walk down memory lane ler…tengok tin milo,lactogen,nestum,every day…dutch baby bukannya dutch lady….teringat kat almari dapur rumah aku kecik2 dulu…ni la antara benda2 yang mak aku beli time belanja dapur dulu2 untuk membesarkan anaknya bagai johan..

Sebenonya banyak lagi benda yang korang boleh nengok kat sini…contoh macam poster filem lama ni…gambo2 Cameron Highlands zaman dulu…barang2 lama…macam2 lagi la…bagi orang macam aku..tempat macamgini memang berbaloi..

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Interesting Places in Cameron Highlands

What's in Time Tunnel Museum? ☆ Cameron Highland ☆ Flawsome Trip 2019

Time Tunnel Museum is a must place to visit when you're in Cameron Highland. Introducing kids to items we grew up with definitely bring back lots of beautiful childhood memories.

Recommended! Time spend in the museum: 30mins to 1 hour

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Interesting Places in Cameron Highlands

Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands (17 April 2017)

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