Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Mountain in Malaysia

Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Mountain in Malaysia

Get Information for Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Best Mountain in Malaysia. Mossy forest, cold winds and misty clouds are characteristic at Irau. Hiking package available from various resources.

Mount Irau (Malay: Gunung Irau) is a high mountain located at Pahang. Its summit is 2110 metres (6922 feet), making it the 15th highest mountain in Malaysia. Mossy forest and fairyland, cold wind and misty clouds; are some of the characteristics at Irau. One must hike about three hours to reach Irau from the base of the mountain.

It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the peak. Usually, hiker will park their car at Cameron Square (Basement 2, Free parking) and they will take 4×4 to go to the starting point of Irau.

Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Mountain in Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Mountain in Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Mountain in Malaysia

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Mount Irau, Best Mountain in Malaysia

They say if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Hafiza, Vasantha and I had completed our hike up Gunung Irau by way of Trans Pass and Yellow Pass but as far as deeming it a success … we exited in the dark, tired, cold and disappointed in ourselves. It was 2012 and we were noobs that had bitten off more than we could chew. Next time we’d be ready. Next time came 2 years later….

Dropped in my Inbox was a KL Hiking e-mail invite, which coincidentally opened with our photo from that fateful hike. There we were grinning from ear-to-ear having conquered all 2110m of Mount Irau Cameron Highlands, completely unaware of the fate that lay before us. It felt like a dare.

So, in May, having just exited the peak of Gunung Batu Brinchang which we climbed as part of our warmup, Hafiza, Hakim (Hafiza’s fiance) and I convened at the Mossy Forest entrance of the Gunung Irau trail with 60 other KL Hikers.

Some had hiked up through the Gunung Batu Brinchang forest with us, others had driven up, but the trail was expected to be busy as the car park was full. But this time we would be hiking directly to Irau’s peak along the Perak-Pahang border from the south – no Trans Pass and Yellow Pass which accesses Mount Irau’s peak from the north.

When we set out at 9.30am, our surroundings were shrouded in mist, but I was grateful to see it in the daylight anyway. The last time we were here it was dark and all we knew was what we felt with our hands and legs.

Gunung yang sangat popular di Pahang, iaitu Mount Irau mempunyai ketinggian 2,032 meter. Untuk mencapai puncaknya pula adalah 2,110 meter.

Tips for Mount Irau Hike

  1. Walk with the weather in mind. If you want to avoid the mud go during the dry season. Otherwise pack some layers and rain resistant outerwear.
  2. Pick your shoes wisely. The acidity of the peat bog eats away shoe glue so make sure you have good walking or hiking shoes on. Converse were common on the trail but a mistake and donning your favourite sneakers are not a good idea either unlike you fancy having them seasoned. Locals recommend adidas kampung which you can get from any descent hardware store for between RM8 and Rm12 a pair.
  3. Report in and stay in touch. Hikers are required to gain a permit from the forestry department before entering but few do. You are also recommended to report your plans to the police before your trip. Accidents happen, so keep your phone charged up and data off to prolong battery life. It was only when Hafiza, Hakim and I returned to KL that we found out that one KL Hiker had injured her knee and was carried out by the fire brigade at midnight.

Mossy Forest Boardwalk, 4×4 Transfer & Tiket masuk.

Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Jadual Pakej A:

  • Parking Kereta di Ladang Teh Sg Palas (lokasi akan diberi)
  • Naik 4×4 dan menuju ke Wakaf Mossy Forest (20 minit)
  • Masuk Mossy Forest (30 minit)
  • Pulang ke parking kereta di Ladang Teh (20 minit)
  • Total perjalanan 1 jam 20 minit(+-)

Guide SOS, 4×4 Transfer, Permit Mendaki, Tiket Mossy Forest, Lunch Pack (Nasi Ayam Berempah), Radio Comm, First Aid Kit Standby, Police Report & Management Fees.

Mount Irau Cameron Highlands Jadual Pakej B:

  • 0700 – Berkumpul di Nova Square, breakfast, parking kereta, pemeriksaan suhu & pendaftaran.
  • 0730 – Taklimat dari Guide SOS, menaiki 4×4 ke Wakaf Irau.
  • 0830 – Selepas senaman ringan, kita mulakan pendakian.
  • 1130 – Dijangka semua peserta tiba di Puncak Mini Irau. Bergambar kenangan & makan tengahari.
  • 1230 – Mula turun ke wakaf.
  • 1430 – Dijangka tiba di wakaf, naik 4×4 turun ke Nova Square.
  • 1530 – Dijangka semua selamat tiba di parkir, aktiviti tamat.

The Journey to Mount Irau Cameron Highlands, Mountain in Malaysia

The journey to Mount Irau Cameron Highlands starts out easily enough. A boardwalk built on top of the original mossy forest trail heads up in a series of stairs to a height of 2000m before descending to the forest floor. For visitors who don’t intend to hike up Mount Irau, the boardwalk is a convenient way to get up close to the highland’s montane jungle without much effort, and pergolas along the way provide a spot to sit and take in the view, when not obscured by cloud cover.

Still the gnarled trees and tendrils of epiphytic moss are nothing compared to the scenery that follows, which is why many make the journey.

Jungle Walk 14 @ Mount Irau Cameron Highlands

Mount Irau Cameron Highlands is also known as Jungle Walk 14, the hike up to the peak of Mount Irau Cameron Highlands runs along the Pahang-Perak border. The trail of Mount Irau Cameron Highlands is quite special, a forest labyrinth plucked straight out of the pages of Grimm Brothers tale or Tim Burton short. Covered in a blanket of velvety moss, trees bend and twist like the curled-up hand of an old man and the rich red peat from aeons of composted leaf litter is soft and spongy under foot. Yet for all its beauty, it is no pushover.

Descending, sometimes quite steeply at first, the route cuts a path down the other side of Gunung Batu Brinchang before it ascends and the hike up Gunung Irau begins. A pair of discarded shoes were a clue to what was in store. There’s plenty of mud and it’s ankle to knee deep in places, particularly in wet weather. It’s also difficult to wash out and it’s the acidic condition can quickly strip the glue from poor quality or old sports shoes. As we hiked up, two groups of young hikers were making their way back; each had a friend whose shoe had fallen apart.

The peak of Mount Irau Cameron Highlands is only 110m higher than our 200m starting point, and some sections are dominated by roots, which we used either as steppingstones to pick our way across puddles of mucky or as steps and handholds up and down the trail. But always cautiously, as it’s easy to slip and twist an ankle or get your foot caught and fall.


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Gunung Irau Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands

Among great mountains to climb. Heavy rain plus cold weather from the start, advisable to bring raincoat or sweater. It took us around 2 hours to get to mini irau, before continue hiking for another 2 hours to the peak. The track was muddy and full of moist, which made this place a lot cooler. This place needs to be in your checklist. Satisfaction checked!

UmarHanafi 23

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