Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Did you know most Malaysian like to go to Cameron Highlands for a holiday? Visit the best destinations such as Tea Plantation, Brinchang Mountain, Kea Farm, Mardi Agro Tech Park, Hutan Lipur Parit etc. Read here for more information about attractions in Malaysia.

Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
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Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Tea Plantation

You can visit Boh Tea Center and Sungai Palas Plantation. It is operated by Malaysia’s largest tea company. Tours available to visit their tea factory. They provide interactive educational studio, a retail outlet, and a nice cafe. Stunning vistas of rolling hills amidst a carefully tendered tea plantation. The drive up the hill can be very narrow at stages, so be extra aware when driving up. The view from the top of nearby hill at the plantation is worth the effort of climbing up. If you like to know more about Boh Tea Center and Sungai Palas Plantation, please click here.

Mossy Forest

There is a boardwalk at the top of Gunung Brinchang which takes you through the Mossy Forest. This reserve is unlike any other in Peninsular Malaysia: its base is covered with a thick carpet of moss. Most of the trees here have remained untouched for centuries. The forest is damp, gloomy and chilly. Walking through it, all kinds of feelings emerge, from appreciating its beautiful landscape to feeling spooked at times. It is uncannily very quiet here, and when the wind blows, it feels as if someone is whispering behind the trees. Click here for more info about Mossy Forest the oldest forest in Malaysia at Cameron Highlands

Brinchang Mountain

At 6,666 feet above sea level, this is the highest point in Malaysia which is accessible by car. At the top of the Brinchang mountain is a radio and television station. Close to the installation is a 15 m high “Observation Tower”. One of the favorites for hikers and nature’s lover activity in Cameron Highlands. Find about this activity more by clicking the button below.

Kea Farm

It is located 5 kilometers from Brinchang Town. It is one of the most popular farms in Cameron Highlands and open daily. Visitors can get fresh fruits and vegetables from here. Click here for more information about Kea Farm, the best market in Cameron Highlands.

We conclude the 8 must visit places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia and there are:

  1. Tea Plantation & Factories
  2. Mossy Forest
  3. Brinchang Mountain
  4. Kea Farm
  5. Mardi Agro Tech Park
  6. Hutan Lipur Parit
  7. Golfing
  8. Sam Poh Temple

More Must Visit Places in Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Taman Agroteknologi Mardi

Mardi Agro Tech Park is located 1 kilometer from Tanah Rata Town. Visitors can find various kind of vegetables, flowers and fruits like strawberry. They also sell products based on fruits eg : strawberry jem.It is open daily from 8.00 am to 5 pm and closed on every Monday. Entrance fees: Adult RM 3 / Children RM 1.50. Contact: 605 – 491 1255 / 605 – 491 2319. Click here for Mardi Agro Tech Park info.

Hutan Lipur Parit Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Also known as Taman Eko Rimba Parit Falls. It is located 250 meters from Taman Sedia, suitable for picnic, swimming and nature appreciation. Contact: 6016 – 972 0699. Click here for Hutan Lipur Parit information.

Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah KGSAS

Golfing in Cameron Highlands Malaysia. This is a beautiful although quite challenging 18-hole course with tricky greens and terrain. Like most of Malaysia however, it could benefit from cleaning up some of the garbage in certain areas, such as the steams. If you require them, a pretty decent range of golf clubs are available to hire for RM70 at the club house. Get information about Stay Golf Package from Stwarberry Park Resort and info about Kelab Golf Sultan Ahmad Shah KGSAS rate, facility etc.

Sam Poh Temple Brinchang Pahang

Sam Poh Temple Brinchang Pahang is one of attractions in Cameron Highlands you must visit. Click here for more info.

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