Best Food in Johor Restoran Lontong Mee Bandung Satay

Best Food in Johor Restoran Lontong Mee Bandung Satay

We provide the best foods in Johor you must try. Do you love lontong, mee bandung or satay during breakfast? Read here for more info about the destinations in Malaysia. When discussing about this southern state of Malaysia, it is coming to mind this southern state of Malaysia is very rich in culture and traditional food. So, let’s focus on the best food for Johorean.

Best Food in Johor Restoran Lontong Mee Bandung Satay Summary

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Best Food in Johor Restoran Lontong Mee Bandung Satay

Asam Pedas Mak Limah, Batu Pahat

Best Food in Johor -Also known as Kedai Makan Selera Murni. A trip to Batu Pahat would be incomplete without a sampling of the famous Asam Pedas dish, and a taste from Restoran Asam Pedas Mak Limah will surely leave your palate tingling for more. We haven’t tried yet but according to our friends, the taste was awesome.​

Asam Pedas Mak Pon, Parit Jawa

Asam Pedas Mak Pon is located at Parit Jawa it is a sour yet spicy and tastes out of ordinary satisfying classic Malaysian dish that good enough to make you gulp and growl. We had some very good lunch in 2019. We ate asam pedas ikan jehanak (fish head and tail) with mix vegetables. It is tastes so good and delicious.​

Ayam Goreng Dapur Kayu

Ayam Goreng Dapur Kayu is located at Johor Bahru serves up an appetizing dish of rice and fried chicken prepared traditionally with firewood. It’s simple menu comprises of plain white rice, pickled vegetables and fried chicken cooked on a traditional stove using firewood​

Delicious Lontong at Warong Saga

Delicious Lontong at Warong Saga is located at JB provide best breakfast such as lontong, nasi lemak and kuih-muih. Step into the shop, there are many collections of pictures about the history of Johor and Malaysia. An interesting sharing of information with customers.​

Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang JB

ZZ Sup Tulang, Johor Bahru. Slurp away at ZZ Sup Tulang, the best place for a delectable bowl of lontong and Mee Rebus Sup Tulang. There are a lot of beef slices if you order Mee Bandung Daging or Mee Rebus Daging. The food here is very delicious.​

Breakfast Lontong at Hutan Bandar Food Stall JB

Breakfast lontong at Hutan Bandar food stall JB – We really like one the the stall which is serve awesome lontong kering and lontong basah. You can try from one shop after another shop and taste good authentic Johorean food.​

Nasi Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Haji Ishak​

Nasi Gulai Kawah & Asam Pedas Haji Ishak is located at Kluang. The oxtail soup is another must-taste dish. Being so famous and well-known, locals and tourists are advised to be early for lunch because after 2pm the food here is always sold out early.​

Nasi Lemak Cik Chom, Sri Gading Johor​

Best Food in Johor – Nasi Lemak Cik Chom, Sri Gading. Here where people should abandon their diet and savor the specialty of famous Nasi lemak Cik Chom. Located exactly at Bandar Batu Pahat. Cik Chom’s operation hour start from 4:30 till 10 pm.

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut, Kulai​

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut, Kulai. Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut which literally translates into “flatulent uncle coconut rice” is a famous stall in Kulai that serves what is said to one of the best nasi lemak with fried crispy chicken and sambal in the district.​

Restoran Basher Nasi Ayam, Kota Tinggi​

Restoran Basher Nasi Ayam, Kota Tinggi. Basher’s chicken rice is a must- try for all who step foot in Kota Tinggi Johor – so put this restaurant in your ‘must visit’ list. Basher Nasi Ayam Restaurant and its franchises are synonymous with Kota Tinggi.​

Pisang Mawar JB​

Pisang Mawar Johor is touted as the most famous pisang goreng joint in Johor Bahru for a very good reason. The banana fritters, which are what the stall is famous for, are served with a spicy, savoury sauce which creates a contrast of flavors that works perfectly together.​

Restoran D’ Merong, Batu Pahat​

One of the best lontong in Johor is at Restoran D’ Merong ‘citarasa warisan’, Batu Pahat is located at Jalan Pasar, offers a variety of local delicacies for patrons. This food heaven served up plenty of treats for early risers, the lunch crowd and night owls with a long list of menus that aims to delight. For those with limited time, aim straight for D’Merong’s succulent Lontong Rendang Daging or Mee Rebus to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari Yong Peng​

Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari Yong Peng Johor. Calling out for lamb lover out there, hunt down to Restoran kari kambing 40, definitely a must-go place to eat if you’re in town. The taste and fragrant of curry would get you the feeling of stumbled upon a hidden treasure.​

Restoran RZ, Segamat​

One of the best foods in Johor is Restoran RZ, Segamat. Famous with its ‘Sambal Udang Galah’ (spicy prawn), do prepare your stomach for some delicious menus that is quite a hit there! So many cooking styles for each different dish, your tummy will be so delighted. Been to Segamat and looking for restaurant serve various of dishes? Find yourself at Restoran RZ located at Jalan Utama which is near to Secret Recipe in Segamat. This restaurant is established since year 1983.

Restoran Terapung Bujang Firefly, Sungai Lebam Tanjong Surat​

Best Seafood in Johor is Restoran Terapung Bujang Firefly, Sungai Lebam Tanjong Surat. Dine on a floating boat across the mangroves of Desaru and watch the fireflies on a romantic night out with your loved one. A mere 20-minutes’ drive from Kota Tinggi, Restoran Terapung Bujang Firefly serves a range of seafood and western dishes for visitors to choose from.

Restoran Zafran Nasi Arab, Bandar Baru Uda

Best Arabian Food in Johor – Restoran Zafran Nasi Arab, Bandar Baru Uda is a true gem with aplenty to offer. Beyond its simplistic décor are some of the best Arab dishes in JB – a claim bestowed by all of its patrons. The food is surprisingly reasonably priced, and the taste surprisingly explosive. To truly feel the magic, you have to stop by and taste them for yourself.

More Foods in Johor Darul Takzim Malaysia

Lokap Café JB

If there’s one word to describe Lokap Café, personality would be it. There is the prison themed interior, ebullient food-makers to greet you, and varieties of western and local food to burst your taste buds.

Mee Bandung​

Mee Bandung is one of the favorite foods for breakfast for Johorean. Mee bandung is a yellow noodle with prawn and it is made once the order has been made. Mee bandung taste very delicious and different if compared with mee bandung made in Kuala Lumpur.​

Salahuddin Bakery, Bandar Johor Bahru​

Salahuddin Bakery in the old part of Johor Bahru has amassed a loyal following from locals since it first opened. This bakery prepares breads, cakes and pastries the old-fashioned way using a 70-year-old wood-fired oven to bake their goods, infusing them with a traditional, rustic flavor.

Restoran Asli Mualaf Asam Pedas, Pontian Besar​

Restoran Asli Mualaf Asam Pedas, Pontian Besar Drive over to Restoran Asli Mualaf Assam Pedas where you can pick your own fresh fish, be it the ikan pari (stingray) or any other to be cooked with your preferred dish. Its specialists in the savory and spicy traditional dish and has set many a customer’s tongue a-flame (in a good way) and a-wagging on how great it is.

Pakistan Restaurant Tandoori House Kota Tinggi​

Pakistan Restaurant Tandoori House, Kota Tinggi (MYL Tandoori House) Javanese, Chinese, Malay and Arab influences are not the only ones that help shape Johor culinary culture, there is a dash of Indian too in the mix, the proof of which is in the pudding so to speak. The specialties are puri, roti naan, nasi beriani, ayam tandoori etc.

Restoran Adwa Nasi Kandar, Kulai​

Restoran Adwa Nasi Kandar, Kulai. Serves largely a signature dish of Penang, you do not need to leave the south just to have Nasi Kandar. Specialties are nasi lemak, noodles, kopitiam, nasi beriani, maggie goreng​

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