Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips

Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips

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Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips Summary

  • Attraction: Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
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Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips from Official

Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana – Island Tours & Snorkel Trips

There are four (4) packages offer for snorkeling from Tioman Cabana.


Island Tour and Snorkel Trip – TULAI

Tulai (also known as Coral Island) is one of Tioman’s most popular island tour and snorkel trip on Tioman. Visit the white sands of Long Beach, snorkel at Batu Malang and Mangrove Bay and on the way back visit Monkey Bay. This trip is great for those looking for some of the best snorkeling spots the island has to offer, relaxing on the beach or enjoying the nature of Tioman.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the first stop (Mangrove Bay) by speed boat and the journey out there is enjoyable. The total trip will last for about 4-5 hours and the trip itinerary may be altered slightly on the day depending on conditions and where we think will be the nicest that day. In the right season you might even be lucky enough to spot dolphins on the way to the islands!


Island Tour and Snorkel Trip – RENGGIS ISLAND, TIOMAN

Pulau Renggis is just a short distance from Tekek and if you are feeling adventurous it is even possible to get here by Kayak or Stand-Up Paddle. Take a look at our beach activities for more information on Kayak and SUP rental). This trip is a shorter Island Tour and Snorkel Trip and usually lasts for just a couple of hours as it is only small and very close. This another reason why it is so popular.

Snorkeling at Renggis Island should be on the itinerary of every marine enthusiast. The shallow waters, hard corals and abundance of marine life here make Renggis a perfect snorkeling spot and great morning or afternoon trip. Hopefully you are even lucky enough to swim with the black tip reef sharks and even turtles! This small rocky island is an underwater heaven for marine lovers.

According to Tioman Cabana, what to bring to make the most of these trips we recommend that you bring with you.

  • Swim Wear
  • Sun Lotion
  • Towel
  • Drinking Water


Note Back from Tioman Cabana– Prices above are based on a minimum number of guests per trip. If you would like to charter private boat or create your own tailor made itinerary, then you can send us a email for more information and prices. Itineraries may be altered on the day depending on the conditions.

More Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana Club Boat Tours Trips


Island Tour and Snorkel Trip – WATERFALL IN TIOMAN

Asah waterfall (sometimes known as Mukut waterfall) is located in the deserted Kampung Asah. Set amidst the lush tropical rainforest, it is said to be one of the best and most famous waterfalls in Tioman since it was also featured in the movie South Pacific. The trip from Tioman Cabana is a half day trip taking you to the southern part of the island and is perfect families, couples and groups wanting to explore more of what the island has to offer above sea level. You will pass the famous twin peaks (also known as the dragon horns) and can stop off along the way at one of the southern villages for lunch.


Island Tour and Snorkel Trip – DRAGONS HORNS, TIOMAN

The round island trip is a full day out and stops at all the best places that Tioman has to offer. The majority of the day will be spent on the boat and so is a trip for those who love exploring and being on the water. Stop at Telok Dalam for some snorkeling at a beautiful coral garden followed by a visit to the Pirate Cave. You can find lunch at Juara Village on the East coast of the island and then enjoy a refreshing rinse at Asah Waterfall on the way back. The final stop will be at Renggis Island for a chance to swim with turtles and sharks!


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Snorkeling in Tioman Cabana - Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tidak lengkap jika kita ke pulau tetapi tidak melakukan aktiviti laut. Kami telah memilih snorkeling untuk mengisi masa kami sepanjang kami berada di Pulau Tioman. Jom ikuti kami menjelajah beberapa tempat menarik untuk melakukan aktiviti snorkeling di Pulau Tioman.

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