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Bukit Gambang Resort City is one of the best ways to enjoy valuable time with your family is by going on a family holiday. Bukit Gambang Resort City has all the elements for an enjoyable & unforgettable family holiday. Let’s Woo Hoo! with your families & friends at Bukit Gambang Resort City where you can create an unforgettable experience & fond memory. For anything that brings people together to celebrate an occasion, we create truly memorable experiences that you will cherish forever.

Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan Attraction Summary

  • Attraction: Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan Attraction
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Theme Park in Malaysia

Safari Park at Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan Attraction from Official

Nestled within 138 acres of secondary jungle, Bukit Gambang Safari Park offers you countless animal encounters and eye to eye experiences with the wild. Get up close and personal with our Animal Ambassadors to learn more about them, enjoy the Animal Feeding opportunities around the park and remember to feed your cameras and handphones too! Start the exciting exploration now!

Simba Hill

Our Simba Hill is home to our beloved white lions! Home to our first ever locally born white lion in Malaysia, King holds a special place in our hearts. This allows children to witness these beautiful creatures as close as possible. There’s even a bunker for a closer view when the lions roam around the space freely. At Simba Hill, families and friends can enjoy the open spaced area and take really great photos of the white lions here at our Safari Park.

Jungle Trail at Bukit Gambang Resort City

Explore one of our newest section, Jungle Trail! Meet the nocturnal and diurnal animals, from predator to prey, big and small. You’ll love it. This district you cannot miss! From feeding to close interaction, this is the place the kids will especially enjoy. We have a new section waiting for you too – Feeding Alley. Enjoy the feeding experience and feed your cameras too!

Foreign Village in Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan Pahang

This district you cannot miss! From feeding to close interaction, this is the place the kids will especially enjoy. We have a new section waiting for you too – Feeding Alley. Enjoy the feeding experience and feed your cameras too!

Animals you can spot at our Foreign Village Bukit Gambang Resort City are:

  1. Asian Giant Tortoise
    The largest tortoise in Asia and grows up to 35 kilograms. It takes about 20 years to reach breeding size and their eggs are about the size of a tennis ball!
  2. Green Iguana
    They are a fairly large lizard and can grow up to 6 feet long! Has an interesting feature – third eye. This is an extra eye on top of the head called a parietal eye to help them detect the movement of a predator sneaking up from above. Now, how awesome is that!
  3. African Cape Porcupine
    The world’s largest porcupine and largest rodent in Africa! The males care and raise the little ones. Now isn’t that an unusual role!
  4. Flamingo
    Famous for their beautiful pink colour and sexy legs. Their beaks are designed to strain animals out of the mud and to expel the muddy water. So, the next time you see a flamingo’s head goes upside-down into the water, it’s mealtime! and so many more… So, visit us today!

Forest Land at Bukit Gambang Resort City Kuantan Pahang

Meet our cute chatty birds and let their sweet chirping serenade you at Bukit Gambang Resort City the forest land. Like to try feeding our mighty bears? Here’s the place to experience it. The Reptile Zone is an exciting place to have a closer look at the different species of snakes too. Do enjoy the peaceful walk along Primate Trail and catch the mischievous primates looking for your attention. Our must-see animals at Forest Land Bukit Gambang Resort City!

  1. Cotton Top Tamarin
    Belongs to the ‘New World’ Monkeys and have a vocal repertoire of 38 distinct sounds! Want to know if they are excited to see you? See if their hair stand.
  2. Golden Eagle
    In medieval Europe golden eagles are referred to as royal eagles. It is also one of the best-known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the most widely distributed species of eagle. These majestic birds range from Mexico through much of western North America as far north as Alaska; they also appear in the east but are uncommon. Golden eagles are also found in Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe.
  3. Brown Bear
    Brown bears often figure into the literature of Europe and North America, in particular that which is written for children however they can be dangerous to humans, particularly if surprised or if a person gets between a mother bear and her cubs. It should be noted that despite their enormous size, brown bears are extremely fast, having been clocked at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour.
  4. Birds
    Did you know that birds have hollow bones which help them fly. Apart from that they have feathers, wings, lay eggs and are warm blooded. Some bird species are intelligent enough to create and use tools too. Around 10000 different species of birds are there worldwide! and so many more… So, come visit us today!

Bukit Gambang Resort City also offers 1,866 accommodation rooms of various categories in two themed resorts – Arabian Bay Resort and Caribbean Bay Resort. Holidaymakers also have the option of staying in the Global Heritage (126 units) which are specially designed 3 and 4-bedroom villas depicting typical houses of cities such as San Francisco, Amsterdam and Venice.

The attractions at Bukit Gambang Resort City Water Park are:

  1. Our Mascot
    Don’t forget to say hi to our mascot if you ever see him around the water park!
  2. Family Raft Ride
  3. Ride on our Family Raft Ride with exciting twists and turns as you make your way through one of the longest rides in Malaysia.
  4. 6 Lane Racer
    Thrill seekers at the ready! You’re in for a fast and bumpy ride as you race your friends to the bottom of this slide.
  5. Aqua Play Zone
    Kids will enjoy the slides at our Aqua Play zones! Why not book a cabana right next to this zone too? Perfect for a big family group.
  6. Penguin Island
    Experience giant piranhas splash gallons of water or explore the water playground and enjoy the splash. An all-time favorite.
  7. Coco Beach
    Rest and relax to the sound of waves gently crashing againts golden sands. Build sandcastles or even surf the waves at Coco Beach. There’s no better way to spend the afternoon.

More Attraction in Bukit Gambang Water Park

Sunny days are meant for the waterpark and what better way than to Stay Cool, Get Wet at Bukit Gambang Water Park! Built in the natural hilly terrain and lush secondary jungle of 46 acres, this backdrop provides a tropical ambience to the waterpark.

A wave pool with 8 different wave modes, an aqua play structure for children to the longest family raft ride in Malaysia; this park has something for everyone! We are the first park in Malaysia to fully implement a cashless transaction system. Our “E-value” arrangement allows visitors to store cash in their wristbands without the need to bring around psychical cash for any in-park purchases. Neat! Rent a float and enjoy the rides! What are you waiting for?

*Source: bgrc.com.my

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