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Sabri Hassan, a Chef celebrity based in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Sabri also written cook books and own TV series titled.” Spice routes” and “biker Chef”. Active in culinary competition. Represented country world class competition. Specialize: Ice Carving,Food stylist,Personal chef,cooking class,seminar & culinary talk show.

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Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan Malaysia Best Biodata

  • Personality Name: Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan
  • Highest Rank: Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan and Ambassador Cooking Products. Cooking TV Programme, Expert cooking product
  • Recipe Source: Video and TV Program, Magazine, Cooking class, product ambassador, FB Recipe, Instagram Live Cooking etc.
  • Kategori Hidangan: Food especially expert in western, Malay and fusion.

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Chef Sabri As A Kid

Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan learned to cook since I was 9 years old, helping my mother make cakes for school, I knew at that time I had to sell cakes. During my school holidays, I went to Pantai Remis, helping my grandfather at the coffee shop stall at 5 am to get up to cook nasi lemak to sell to fishermen to go to sea.

Let’s shorten the story, when Abah was in the 4th grade, I was able to open Warong Pak Hassan restaurant in Kemunting. At that time, I helped my mother make roti canai, I didn’t know if I wanted to spread the roti canai dough, I had to use a big tray but so be it. After 1982, Abah was able to tender for a canteen at the Sungai Petani Airport Camp also woke up in the morning as my routine to buy cooking ingredients.

After 1 year Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan was able to open a Mini Restoran Hassan at the Airport Camp, Sungai Petani, I want to sell Tomyam but I didn’t know how to make it, so at first, I thought all tomyam was at the night market, then I bought the ingredients tried to make it thank God I made my first tomyam from there came the interest to be a chef.

In my school days, I liked uniforms like the Police and the Army you know, my father is a very disciplined combat child in school I had the rank of corporal in the Kadet Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

After 2 years of interviewing to be a policeman but I was not tall enough then I thought back it is not necessary to be tall to become the chef. In 1985 I went for an interview at Uitm shah Alam. I was able to bargain in the field I was interested in.

Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan studied at Uitm shah Alam, As the best student, I got an offer to further study at Hilton group. It is really challenging work at there. I always infuriated from ‘mat salleh’ from Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands. I have to come to work as early at 6.00am and back at 1.00am. But luckily as a combat child, I can be durable.

During my first-year tenure, I was not allowed to cook just cut chicken, wash the kitchen, chiller, freezer and peel onions. But with my strong interest to be the chef. I used to work smart and don’t work hard (keep this story let it be a secret). If you want to know the whole story, you can call me.

At that time, my boss was riding a 1,100cc Kawasaki Ninja. But sooner or later, I must own that big bike too when my big boss from Switzerland and me get the Chain de Rotisseurs Medal. so I keep my ambition to be like that ‘mat salleh’. I learned the hardship no matter the time as I was still bachelors and I don’t mind to come back home late and nobody borders me.

And finally Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan owns the first Harley Davidson’s bike and the Chain de Rotisseurs Medal.


From 1988 to 2004 Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan never missed participate in a cooking competition at the national and world level. In 1992 I was able to collect 8 gold medals, 15 silver medals, 15 bronze medals in the categories of Ice Carving, Butter Carving, Eastern cookery and western. In 1994, Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan was awarded the “most outstanding chef award” by the Malaysian Chefs Association. In 1992 and 1994 I was selected to represent the country to the world cooking competition in Singapore (Salon Culinary) successfully to make a name for the country.

If you want me tell you the story, it could be more than 10 -page story. So once again I’ll shortcut this journey.

Awards received (dreams come true):

  1. 1996 I got the Chain de Rotisseurs award from France.
  2. 1994 I was selected as a jury for The Golden Chef and inter chef Competition.
  3. 2001 I was invited to be a jury in any competitions organized by CAM.
  4. Year 2001 was a moment that I will never forget was chosen to be the team manager for the world time competition in Vienne Austria. For the first time our team was 100% Malaysian who used to be ‘mat salleh’. Me with Chef Kader, Chef Zubir, Chef Zainuddin, Chef Mozart, Chef Alvin, Chef Jeffery, Chef Nazri managed to make the country famous by getting 2 best gold medals, 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 2 bronze medals, the our Dream Team got third place after Switzerland and Israel.
  5. In year 2002, a bountiful sustenance when I can became the TV3 host cooking show “Saji Bistari with Somaly. Next is the Dream Team representing the country to the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. For the first time in the history of Malaysia’s name in the World Chart.
  6. In year 2002 I was awarded the Best Chef Of The Year and I was appointed by the ministry to be the national expert for Culinary and Art.
  7. Between year 2002-2003 I was selected as a national expert to be a jury at the “Culinary World skill” competition in St. Gallen Switzerland, and Hanoi Vietnam.
  8. Between year 2002- 2005 during my 2 years on duty organizing any cooking competitions such as Golden Chef Hat, Junior Chef, Chocolate carving, Ice Carving, Johan Kemahiran Malaysia, Malaysia Truly Asean Cuisine and many others.

  9. In 2006, once I got an offer to be the Host on the TV2 Show “Cocoa Inspiration”

  10. Last but not least in 2007 – I won The Best Creative Menu and Chef for Malaysia Truly Asia awards.

To Conclude The Story

That’s a little bit of a story Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan can share with you, This story is not to show off but to inspire young people who want to follow in my footsteps. God is merciful if we are weak in the field of academia, there is another field that everyone can do and that is the field of skills. If we cook with sincerity, anyone who tastes the food will be happy, can live healthy, do good deeds, longevity and the reward that Allah gives to the chef – sustenance and blessings.

If we succeeds, please share the knowledge with others to get blessings from Allah. This is a true story based on Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan 25 years of experience. One of the useful tip for success is to give alms . Knowledge and experience cannot be traded with money. Of course the success I enjoyed was from my mother and my in-law’s doa. The most inspiring to me were my wife and children.

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