Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah

Central Nasi Padang is one of best Indonesian food you must try when you are at Alor Setar, Kedah. This is really awesome because most of the food stalls in northern region are selling nasi campur or nasi kandar. But this is special. Read here for more info about the best attractions in Malaysia.

Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah Summary

  • Attraction: Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah
  • Location: Kedah Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Attraction in Malaysia

Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah from Official

This restaurant is considered one of the best and original Indonesian cuisine in Alor Setar Kedah. Where Penang has all its best of nasi kandar, Kedah has its own best nasi padang. And this is by far the best restaurant you must try if you like an authentic taste with reasonably good price.

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Banyak sebenarnya restoran nasi padang di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor. Tetapi jika anda dapati terdapat di Kedah, ia adalah sesuatu yang hebat kerana anda pasti rasa yang sedap dan mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan daripada penduduk di situ. Jemput makan.

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Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah Reviews

Customer Reviews

Restoran Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar "Reviewed 24 December 2018 "Original Padang Cuisines"

As a tennis coach and keep having lunch here is unbelievable. Once a while or maybe every day. Keep thinking is there any branches in Kuala Lumpur? Well, it is worth a penny. Central Nasi Padang stationed near the former old bus station as long as I remember, and the food taste never faded away even over time! It's a must try for everyone who love to eat Indonesian foods. This is the place.

Megat Darussalam

Tennis Coach

Reviewed 4 October 2018 "Been here a long time at Alor Setar Kedah"

Malaysia is one of the countries who has variety of delicious food. I have been here in the last 15 years ago. The taste has never change since the first time here. This one and the one in front of the old Holiday Villa are probably the oldest nasi padang restaurants in AS (Alor Setar). Been coming here for lunch once a while for the past 15 years, the food and the menu hasn't change much. People say their curry so good 🙂

Dalilah Daud

Pengusaha Kantin

Restoran Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar "Reviewed 2 June 2019 Still Original Padang Cuisines"

Still nasi padang here is the best I ever had in my life after I finished my offshore job at oil plant refinery. The taste is very consistent, unbelievable and all my family loving for a dine in here. Our favorite is definitely rendang ayam and sambal hijau. You should try other menu like ikan bakar, sambal tempe etc. but it's up to you to choose because according to my family member, all cuisines in this restaurant is amazing.

Abdul Syukur Rosli


Restoran is the best Indonesian Foods " Reviewed 26 August 2015 via mobile" "Finger licking good"

Been eating here ever since I moved to Alor Setar. Really good food, though a bit pricey for Malaysian standard. But it is still worth a visit. Must try - chicken or beef rendang, begedil and the pineapple pajeri. Try the curry too. This restaurant serves an awesome nasi padang and will always be the regular customer. Really like it! As a food hunter, this restaurant must be included in your hunting list! Don't forget to bring your friends and family to here because it is really finger licking good!

Ezabarina Mohamad Kutty

Pakar Nutrisi

Contact Central Nasi Padang Alor Setar Best Food in Kedah

Restoran Central Nasi Padang
926 Jalan Sultan Badlishah
05200 Alor Setar Malaysia