Discover Johor's Islands: Malaysia's Hidden Gems

Beach in Johor Pantai Menarik di Malaysia

From white sand to blue oceans color, Johor is the place for relaxing your minds and it is about the time to play with the nature. Just drive around 4 and a half hours from Kuala Lumpur bring you to this pristine island of Johor. No need to go further, just look for Johor state because it is offers breathtakingly beautiful islands awaiting you to discover.

Islands in Johor Pulau Menarik di Malaysia Summary

  • Attraction: Islands in Johor Pulau Menarik di Malaysia
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Islands in Johor Pulau Menarik di Malaysia

Pulau Aur

A picturesque island with verdant and rocky landscape, Pulau Aur is home to two resorts catering mainly for scuba divers and anglers. Just 400 meters from Pulau Aur is Pulau Dayang which is smaller but equally enchanting. The five islands ‘siblings’ of Pulau Aur, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Lang and Pulau Pemanggil are all part of the Johor Marine Park.

Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar literally means ‘large island’ in English, is known for its stretches of white sandy beaches, nearby idyllic Malay village and collection of rustic resorts. It is nearest of the offshore islands that can be reached from the Mersing jetty. Don’t be confused because there is one more beach with the same name as Pulau Besar and it is located at Melaka.

Pulau Dayang, Mersing

From the surface it appears to be the same ocean you’d see anywhere else, but below, a vibrant ecosystem bursting into life thrives completely unbeknownst to you. Pulau Dayang, one of the largest islands in the Seribuat Archipelago, is a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise.

With multiple dive sites around the island including several wrecks, each site has something different to offer. Sea turtles, parrot fish, eels and rays are just some of the aquatic lives that can be found. But all of that pale in comparison to the mighty whale shark, which can be sighted at the Rayner’s Rock dive site. For sport fishing aficionados, this is the place where you can catch a prize black marlin.

If you’re interested in becoming a diver, the island’s resort has their own instructors who will help you obtain your diving license. Pulau Dayang is 65 kilometers of the coast of the mainland and the duration of the boat ride ranges 90 minutes to four and a half hours, depending on the type of boat.

More Islands in Johor Pulau Menarik di Malaysia

Pulau Harimau Mersing

Pulau Harimau if translated to English means ‘tiger island’ is an uninhabited island, its deserted locale serves as a sweet spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Enthusiasts of both pastimes should do well to come here and take a look.

Pulau Mensirip Mersing

One of the uninhibited islands in the waters off Mersing, Pulau Mensirip is another haven for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. A gem that is worth the visit for those whose interest will take them to the waters.

Pulau Pemanggil, Mersing Johor

As you approach the island you’re mesmerized by its inviting emerald-green waters, beckoning you to dive in and see what wonders it beholds. Pulau Pemanggil is a sequestered island and is one of the furthest off the Mersing coast. The island has only one resort, the Lanting Beach Resort which sits tucked away on a hillside on the island. Revered as a fishing location, the waters off Pemanggil are home to many sport fish such as marlin, sailfish and mackerel.

Diving, snorkeling and Jet Ski facilities are also offered at the resort. Even if you are not a morning person, waking up early to watch the dark sky slowly turn to hues of orange as the sun rises is an absolute must. Take note that some areas of the resort are accessed by very steep stairs, which may be difficult for the elderly and young children. As Pulau Pemanggil lies 45 kilometers East of Mersing, the journey by catamaran takes 90 minutes whereas taking the slow boat triples travel time.

Pulau Rawa Mersing Johor Darul Ta’zim

Pulau Rawa would be a rocky, inaccessible islet in the South China Sea if it were not for its idyllic beach. Steep jungle clad slopes embrace the sweep of powdery white beach from behind and land meets water in smooth ripples of soft sand and gently lapping waves. At the far edges of the palm-dotted beach, jagged rocks lay strewn in the sea at the bottom of straight cliffs. Remote island paradise does not have to be so remote after all. The swaying palms, heavenly beach and island breezes of Rawa are within four hours of Singapore and less than 45 minutes from Mersing on the mainland of peninsular Malaysia.

Pulau Sibu Besar, Mersing, Johor Darul Ta’zim

How could it be that a largely developed island manages to preserve its immense natural beauty while maintaining such an aura of serenity and tranquillity? Pulau Sibu Besar, as its name suggests is the largest of the three Sibu islands.

The sheer beauty of this place is so enticing that it compelled a foreigner to open a resort on the island, catering mainly to tourists from abroad. Resorts provide diving and snorkelling trips, enabling you to experience the exotic aquatic life including barracuda, nudibranchs and giant clams.

In the northeast section of the island, you will find gorgeous, secluded sandy beaches perfect for just relaxing and working on your tan. With multiple resorts on the island appealing to different demographics, Pulau Sibu Besar is one of the more accommodating islands as picky travellers will have more options to choose from.

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