Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Pulau Payar Dive Center

Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Pulau Payar Dive Center

If you want to learn scuba diving course, Pulau Payar is one of the best places to go. There are many dive centers here in Pulau Langkawi and we provide a complete information about diving centers and how to contact them. Read here for the best destinations in Malaysia.

Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Pulau Payar Dive Center Summary

  • Attraction: Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Pulau Payar Dive Center
  • Location: Kedah Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Island in Malaysia

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The Langkawi Dive Sites

A short boat ride takes you from Cenang beach to the beautiful soft coral reefs of Langkawi. Dive sites like The Stables and Tanjung Intan are great places to see beautiful colorful soft-corals, anemones with clownfish, lionfish, razorfish and frogfish. A school of barracudas is hanging out at Pulau Cepu and we have spotted colorful nudibranchs, whip coral shrimps, pipefish and seahorses at White Coral Corner. These dive sites are only 10-20min away from Cenang and Langkawi Scuba is the only dive center that dives on these sites.

The Visibility

Let’s face it, Langkawi is not known for crystal clear water. Visibility is usually only 2-4m, but we love diving here! Because the soft-corals and fish are very colorful there is plenty to see. And there are days that we are lucky and do get 5m+ visibility. Because we would like to be able to show you all the amazing creatures, we only dive with only 2 divers per PADI instructor.

The Dive Trip

After checking your equipment and the dive-briefing at our beach shop at 9am, we leave on our boat for our first dive of the day. If your air-consumption allows, we can stay 1 hour under water. The surface interval will be on one of the beautiful beaches of the islands of Langkawi, we will bring coffee/tea and some local snacks. After our second dive we get back to Cenang around 1:30pm. In high season, when the weather is good, there will be an optional 3rd dive in the afternoon.


With limited visibility in Langkawi, we don’t want you to be worried about losing your buddy. And because we would like to be able to show you all the amazing creatures, we only dive with only 2 divers per PADI instructor and we use buddy-lines. Emergency oxygen and a first aid kid are always on our boat. And of course, we will bring spare equipment, just in case.

Our Season

From October till May the water around Langkawi is flat. In June to September the monsoon makes the waves too big for us to go diving, the water will be brown, and we will close our dive shop.

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Try Dive in Langkawi

Introductory Diving is open to everyone who wants to try diving in Langkawi. Please take note that to ensure fun, all dives are conducted on Pulau Payar Marine Park and to ensure safety this dive programme is conducted is a very small group by our certified SCUBA instructors and Divemasters.

Safety and Equipment and Diving Instructor

Safety and equipment briefings complete, instructors will give an overview of the general knowledge of scuba diving, including some practical demonstrations on the basic skills you’ll need to complete when in the water. On arrival at the Marine Park, you will be provided with diving equipment and are shown how to put on your scuba gear.

Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Your Instructor will be with you every step of the way. On entering the water, they will make sure you are comfortable and that your mask is fitted correctly. When you are ready, you will descend with the instructor to one (1) meter under the water. Here you stop, so you can practice breathing through your regulator and get used to not coming up for air (an unusual experience / sensation for first timers).

Once you are comfortable, you descend another few meters and stop again, to become familiar with your new surrounds. Once you have indicated to the dive instructor that you are ready, they will take you by the hand on your Introductory Scuba Dive around the Great Barrier Reef, where you can get close to the fish and may even see a turtle! Once you have completed your basic in water skills on your first dive, you do not need to complete them on subsequent dives on that trip.

However, if you travel another day, you will need to complete the whole process again. If you have done upwards of 50 Introductory Dives (and there are people who have) we recommend you consider completing your Open Water Certification.


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The most popular dive sites include the Coral Garden, Sunken Boat Point, Grouper Farm, Sponge Reef, Lembu Rocks, Shark Point and House Reef, where you can see schools of large fish and exciting marine life, including manta rays, seahorses, sweetlips, angelfishes and snappers.

Pulau Kaca is a popular alternative to Pulau Payar, housing a wreck diving site named Kaca Sunken Wrecks. Here, you can find several sunken fishing boats that are home to a variety of soft and hard corals, as well as marine life such as clownfish, black tip sharks, barracuda and scorpion fish. Due to the high density of plankton in Pulau Kaca, water visibility is between 5 and 20 meters, depending on the season.

While Pulau Payar scuba diving is available all year round, Langkawi experiences heavy rainfall due to monsoon winds in the months of September and October. While showers are sometimes accompanied by violent thunderstorms, the weather in Langkawi is mostly good, even at this time.

Join our excursion to Pulau Payar Marine Park with our custom 32-footer dive boat. To ensure safety and fun we only take a small group of 8 to 10 persons (combination of divers and snorkelers). The SCL Scuba Club Langkawi (SCL) team consist of 3 dive instructors, 2 divemaster, 1 skipper and 2 administrators which makes our team one small happy family that WE share the same great passion, the ocean and SCUBA diving.

All of our dive instructors have broad experience in teaching scuba in various locations, especially Southeast Asia. Most of us have clocked hundreds of hours underwater and have taught many different diving courses from beginner to professional level. Our sales office is located at Airis Sanctuary Resort, Pantai Tengah, Langkawi. Feel free to drop by for a chat or drop us a chat on “WhatsApp”, our friendly crew would be more than happy to assist you anyway we can.

Langkawi Scuba is the only certified PADI Dive Resort in Cenang! PADI certified guides/instructors. Personal & professional scuba dive trips: Only 2 divers per instructor and only 6 divers on our boat. Well-maintained equipment and spares on the boat and emergency oxygen and first aid kit on the boat. Dive-staff who are passionate about diving/teaching, and love to have a good time during diving.

Contact Langkawi Scuba Diving Course Pulau Payar Dive Center

Our shop is located in Cenang on the beach in front of Motel Melati Tanjong. Open 5:00-6:30pm every day for information and booking.

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