Taman Arnab Rabbit Park Bunny Zone Langkawi

Taman Arnab Rabbit Park Bunny Zone Langkawi

Taman Arnab ataupun Rabbit Park yang lebih dikenali sebagai Bunny Zone adalah sebuah tempat tarikan pelancong di Pulau Langkawi yang mesti anda kunjungi. Mari kita dapatkan maklumat mengenai tempat ini beserta pengalaman pengunjung yang datang.

Taman Arnab Rabbit Park Bunny Zone Langkawi Summary

  • Attraction: Taman Arnab Rabbit Park Bunny Zone Langkawi
  • Location: Kedah Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Park in Malaysia

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Tourists visiting Langkawi should have heard of Langkawi SkyCab. Ranked the top attraction on TripAdvisor, I knew I had to go, especially when the recommendation came with a strong endorsement from a friend. While there were many things to do aside from taking the cable car, most have an entrance fee and a particular one stood out for having free entrance, the bunny zone! Kids would love it as they could play with bunnies in a huge compound that didn’t come with barbed wires, fences or any barriers! It’s literally an up-close experience although barrier free may not necessarily be a good thing.

At Taman Arnab Langkawi, the rabbits might not like to be held and some kids (adults even) could mishandle them by pulling their ears or just being rough in their bid to ‘catch’ one. Staff members were around to assist but there were only so many of them. Hence, enter the bunny zone at your own risk! There were many rabbits of different sizes, colors and patterns. However, as the zone was large and dotted with greenery, you don’t find the numbers overwhelming. As it was already close to the end of operating hours, i didn’t actually stop into the zone even though i took some photos from the outside.

No smell in my opinion but it might be a different story up close. Don’t play with the black pellets on the floor and do stop your toddlers from putting them in their mouth; the pellets are, in fact, the poo of the rabbits. Playground for the kids in the same compound; a short gate restricted access to the free-roaming rabbits. Since it was already late, the place was largely deserted. Good life for the rabbits; apart from the spaciousness of their ‘cage’, there were a few sheltered areas in events of wet, stormy weather or a sunny day.

Some were enclosed in typical cages that I thought were too small for their sizes and wondered if they were too because they were ill / needed protection from the unknowns in the open space. Don’t be surprised as snakes could be rather prevalent in the area. My prayers go to those who remained outside then. On second thought, what would be the survival odds between the one who stays in the cage and the other one who is outside? Well, i guess it depends how big the snakes are!

Salah satu tempat menarik yang anda wajib kunjungi ketika melancong di Pulau Langkawi adalah melawat di Taman Arnab atau Bunny Zone. Anda dapat melihat gelagat anak-anak anda bermain dan mengenali dengan lebih dekat mengenai arnab.

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Disini terdapat banyak arnab yang jinak dan pengunjung boleh membeli makanan di kaunter dan memberi makan arnab-arnab tersebut.

Jadi marilah beramai-ramai ke Pulau Langkawi untuk melihat sendiri dan memberi makanan kepada arnab yang comel-comel di Taman Arnab atau Rabbit Park yang bertempat di Bunny Zone Langkawi. Dapatlah menenangkan tekanan kerja sementara dengan melayan binatang-binatang di Taman Arnab Langkawi.

*Credit: cavinteo.blogspot.com, mplbp.gov.my

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Best dapat bermain dengan arnab di Rabbit Farm Langkawi "Dah lama tak bermain dengan rabbit sejak dari kampung di Taman Arnab

Arnab adalah haiwan kesayangan saya dan keluarga di kampung. Banyak juga bela arnab semasa di kampung dulu-dulu. Tapi sekarang sejak dah besar, tempat yang kami selalu kunjungi di Taman Arnab Bukit Tinggi dan Rabbit Park Langkawi. Best giler!

Nurul Azrina Mustafa

Tadika Kemas

Rugi tak pergi ke sini Rabbit Park Terbaik " Bagi can kat anak-anak main dan pial telinga arnab hehe"

Sejak bergelar isteri, susah nak lihat anak-anak bermain dengan haiwan kerana tinggal di bandar. Mana lah ada tempat untuk meletakkan arnab. Barulah nampak betapa anak-anakku begitu menyayangi haiwan tersebut di Taman Arnab yang terletak di Langkawi. Jom kita ramai-ramai ke sana!

Zanariah Iris

Perusahaan Kecil

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Taman Arnab
Lot 1485, Kampung Belanga Pecah, Jalan Ayer Hangat,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Telephone: 04-966 5855