The Best of Chef Asma: Bakery and Culinary Classes

The Best Chef Asma Bakery And Class

Chef Asma is one of the best chef in Malaysia. Conducting her cooking class, her best known is the malay traditional recipes such as Kuih Talam, Nasi Kerabu etc. Below are some of the cooking class module by Chef Asma:-

The Best Chef Asma Bakery And Class Biodata

  • Personality Name: Chef Asma
  • Highest Rank: Lecturer and Ambassador Cooking Products. Hands on class
  • Recipe Source: Video and TV Program, Magazine, Cooking class, product ambassador, FB Recipe etc.
  • Kategori Hidangan: Food especially expert in traditional malay cookies and culinarians.
  • Jenis Masakan: Malay

Class and Modules


Roti Butterscoth (Sarang Lebah) , Cheezy Bun, Butter Floss Bun, Mini Potato Bun with Diplomat Topping , Sausage Roll,Twist Bread,Tuna Bun,Mexican Bun Whole Meal Bread & various types of bread will be taught from fluffy dough – Price RM 250 -(Please Booking Now) .. Each Participant will be taught to make very fluffy bread. Worth it . “Make bread by yourself with your own hand with “guided” by Chef Asma.


(This class is the best selling cooking class and always sold out) (Price only Rm 280 – Please Booking Now) Very suitable for business. Each participant will be taught to weigh ingredients, make, mix & decorate brownies in tray by Hands On. It’s worth it because this class is conducted in “DO IT YOURSELF (DIY)”. Participation only for small groups. Preparation of brownies is very easy as 123 or “cekodok pisang” !! Join this class if you want to know better.

There is no basics for making cakes directly & you can make brownies if there is no mixer cake. It’s the hottest & worth it. Don’t worry. All techiniques and exposure in class only at “Chef Asma Culinary Studio”.

Types of Brownies :-

  1. Cheezy Brownies Kukus
  2. Butterscotch Brownies
  3. Chocolate Bavarian Brownies
  4. Brownies Kedut
  5. Nutty Chocolate Brownies
  6. German Cheese Brownies
  7. Congo Nutty Bar Brownies
  8. Double Chocolate Frosted Brownies
  9. Crumble Fruity Brownies


The cooking class price is Rm 300 ( please Sms/whatsapp for booking). The most suitable for business and the recipe is originally from ‘Hotel Recipe’. See the below modules for more information. Really worth it class to join.

Hands on Class Western Food Module 1:

  1. Mushroom Soup
  2. Roasted Whole BBQ Chicken
  3. Fish & Chips
  4. Chicken Boxing
  5. Grilled Chicken Chop
  6. Striploin Steak
  7. Fish Finger
  8. Garlic Bread
  9. Russian Salad
  10. Coleslaw
  11. Potato with minced beef @ chicken salad
  12. Demi Glaze
  13. Black Pepper Sauce
  14. Mushroom Sauce
  15. BBQ Sauce
  16. Tartar Sauce
  17. Thousand Island Sauce
  18. Cocktail Sauce
  19. Vinaigretee Dressing

Really value for money! Chef Asma will demonstrate how hotel style presentation method. Each participant will make their own “presentation on plate” from the preparation of materials. Packaging and then can bring back home! Just bring yourself no need to bring anything.


I will show you how to make brown stock to be used as brown sauce (based on original recipe!) and not using instant powder.

Hands on Class Western Food Module 2

Hands On Class for Assorted Cheese Cake in small container ( price Rm 250)

  1. Toffee Caramel Scotch Cheese
  2. Chilled Oreo Crumble Cheese
  3. Melty Choco Velvet Cheese
  4. Pandan Lava Cheese
  5. Cappucino Butterscotch Lava
  6. Red Velvet Steamed Lava Cheese
  7. Cheese Cake Meleleh – kukus.
  8. A very delicious Cheezy Frosted Resepi ,filling Cheese Lava & Butterscotch
  9. Chocolate Cheese Lava (there are many more chef to teach in the classroom – Worth it)
  10. Chef Asma will also teach KEK LAVA BERHANTU it’s very tasty

Hands On Class Do it Yourself IBU DUIT

Various Types of FROZEN FOOD (8 Types) – (Rm 200 -Please Book Now)
(Participation is very limited. It’s a big loss if you don’t join this class). Suitable for commercial. Very worthwhile. Thousands of Chef Asma’s students have succeeded produce frozen products. Are you next?

Chef Asma Frozen Food Class

Recipes taught:-

  1. Roti Canai
  2. Cheezy Popia Breaded
  3. Mini Martabak
  4. Sardine Roll
  5. Pau Kukus Kacang Merah
  6. Samosa
  7. Pau Kukus Kelapa
  8. Karipap Pusing

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