Celebrity Chef Zam - Zamzani Abdul Wahab

Celebrity Chef Zam – Zamzani Abdul Wahab is a Malaysian celebrity chef and one the famous and popular Chef in Malaysia. Career and background? Visit our website for info and recipe inside.

Celebrity Chef Zam – Zamzani Abdul Wahab Background and education

Chef Zam was born and raised in Kuala Terengganu where he practised cooking in the kitchen with his mother since the age of 7 years old. He has a diploma in cuisine from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in 1993. After that, he worked as a chef in several hotels before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Associate of Science degree in Hotel-Restaurant Management and a bachelor’s degree in Hotel-Restaurant/Institutional Management both from Johnson and Wales University, USA. Chef Zam worked in New York for three years.

Then he returned to Malaysia and worked at KDU College since 1998. In 2003, he won a scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Hospitality Management from Thames Valley University, London. After two years there, Chef Zam returned to Malaysia and returned to teaching at KDU College.

He is currently the Head of Special Projects at KDU College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts, Selangor, Malaysia for the past 11 years.

Celebrity Chef Zam – Zamzani Abdul Wahab Career

He appeared in multiple television appearances such as Garam Gula, Citarasa Selebriti, Ole-ole Malaysia, Serimas…Selera Dunia, Aroma Selebriti, Chef Selebriti Realiti TV (Suria TV, Singapore) dan Sajian Ramadhan 2008. He also served as a brand ambassador for Philips.

Celebrity Chef Zam - Zamzani Abdul Wahab Biodata

  • Personality Name: Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan
  • Full Name: Zamzani Abdul Wahab
  • Date of Birth : 19 April 1970
  • Place of Birth : Kuala Terengganu
  • Hobby: Travelling, Watching Cinema Movie and Shopping
  • Idol: Emeril Lagasse, Anton Mossiman, Jamie Oliver etc.
  • Living Place : Kota Damansara
  • Education : Ijazah Sarjana di Universiti of West London
  • Highest Rank: Celebrity Chef Sabri Hassan and Ambassador Cooking Products. Cooking TV Programme, Expert cooking product
  • Recipe Source: Video and TV Program, Magazine, Cooking class, product ambassador, Periuk Hangus, MyChef, Masakan bersama Marmite, Masam Manis Ramadhan, Heinz ABC Sweet Soy Sauce, Senyuman Kraft Singles Game Show, Siap Saji Scotts Towels, Healthy Living with PETRONAS, Pencarian IDEAL Chef Selebriti, What’s Cooking with Marmite?, Ole-Ole Chef Zam & Fimie, Dunia Wanita, Asia’s Best Kept Secret, Kuih Raya: Juara Antara Kolej, KanCheong Kitchen, The Flaming Chef, Serimas, Selera Dunia, Tak Tahan, Ole-Ole Malaysia, Berat Badan Unggul, Sucre Fest met Chef Zam, The Malaysian Invasion, Aroma Selebriti, Rahsia Rasa. MMVita Oils, Romancing February, Garam Gula, Cak-Cak.
  • Kategori Hidangan: All.

Credit:Chef Zam

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