1001 Best Perak Darul Ridzuan Destination in Malaysia

10 most attractive places Perak Darul Ridzuan Malaysia

What are the top things to do in Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia? Pasar Karat Loken, attractive places such as Birch Memorial Tower, Lost World of Tambun, Zoo Taiping and Night Safari, beach and beautiful island of Lumut and Pangkor. We also highlight the best food and focusing details on every district culture and attractions. What are the hotels you must stay here? We also highlight the best beach, mosque, history, Pangkor Island and other island. Discover now!

1001 Best Perak Darul Ridzuan Destination in Malaysia Summary

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1001 Best Perak Darul Ridzuan Destination in Malaysia

10 Most Attractive Places

Herewith we listed the 10 most attractive places in Ipoh Malaysia and there are Birch Memorial Tower, War Memorial, Gunung Lang Recreational Park and Lost World of Tambun. Don’t forget to visit Gua Tambun Cave Painting, Panglima Kinta Mosque and Little India. And more attraction in Ipoh are D. R. Seenivasagam Recreational Park and The Yasmin Newseum. Finally discover Ipoh Railway Station.

Best Foods in Perak Darul Ridzuan Malaysia

There are variety of delicious food available in Perak which everyone must try such as the best food in Ipoh Malaysia. Have you heard about Nasi Ganja? What about Mee Kicap Mat Jasak, Pakeeza Restaurant and Nasi Vanggey? Delicious foods are all here in Ipoh. How about having some foods at Restaurant Albayt Alyamani, Restoran Simpang Tiga (Medan-Ipoh), Hadramout Paradise and Restaurant Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung? Besides you can eat at Restoran Mee Udang & Ketam Sempoi Diraja, Nasi Ayam Puziah Bazar Bulat, Restoran M Salim and Gomok Ipoh. These are all best food in Ipoh you must try!

Best Hotel

Stay at WEIL Hotel, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, The Haven Resort Hotel, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Hotel Excelsior, Symphony Suites Hotel, Regalodge Hotel, Tower Regency Hotel & Apartments, Ipoh.

Top 5 Things to do in Perak

Based on trusted sources, the top 5 things to do here are visiting Pasar Karat Loken (Vintage Market), theme park and heritage trail. In addition, you can also go to cafe and foods, and last but not least Ipoh Hoho Bus. Discover more! All info is here.

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More 1001 Best Perak Darul Ridzuan Destination in Malaysia

Discover Perak According to District

First of all, our first discovery in state of Perak would be in the Ipoh. Come and read this articles (*credit to tourism Perak malaysia). This section is divided by districts as below:

Felda Residence Hot Spring Sungkai Sg. Klah

Felda Residence Hot Spring Sungkai also known as Sungai Klah Hot Springs is free flowing swimming pool and therapeutic park. Why this place is so popular for short vacation? Click here for more info.

Pangkor Island: Incredibly Intriguing Island

Pangkor Island: Incredibly Intriguing Island. Pangkor Island is one of the most enchanting holiday destination islands in the country for its beautiful beaches and its crystal-clear water. More details just click here.

Other Islands to Explore

Come and explore Pulau Sembilan, Banding Island on Lake Temenggor and Teluk Batik. And finally, don’t forget to go to Pulau Pangkor Laut to enjoy refreshing air and nature. Click here for more info.

14 Best Landmark and Historical Building You Must Visit!

Why is Perak State so special and unique? There are many reasons why the is so great. Its surroundings, the caves, hundreds of years old temples, buildings and more. Let’s go one by one. In this section we will present to you the best landmark and historical building you must visit such as Gua Tempurung: Is it really 1.5 billion years old? Bukit Kinding Resort – It’s More Than Just a Resort. It’s An Adventure, Sai Baba Cave Temple and Perak Hydro Building.

Other than that, we also have Residence Cum Law Office of Seenivasagam Brothers, Royal Ipoh Club, Darul Ridzuan Museum, St. Michael’s Institution, Masjid Ubudiah Kuala Kangsar and Indian Muslim Mosque. Then, visits Traditional Lantern Making Workshop in Ipoh, F.M.S. Bar & Restaurant Building, The Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Building and S.P.H. De Silva Building. Last but not least The Straits Trading Building.

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