Melaka Best Foods and Destinations 2

Melaka Best Foods and Destinations 2

Melaka is a state of food heaven. If you like an authentic food, just ask the people arounnd there”May I know where is the best asam pedas restaurant here in Malacca?” You can get it in any restaurant here, but do you know the best restaurant serve an awesome asam pedas?

What about the best ikan bakar (fish grill)? You can enjoy the best grill fish along the banks of the river at night. Some of the best restaurant need to make a reservation because the number of tables is limited during the peak season especially on school holiday or Malaysia Public Holiday. For us, food in Melaka is one of the main impetuses to visit here. If you are already looking forward to food-hunting, check out the list of best eateries that are synonymous with Malacca!

We publish a complete interesting article that benefit everyone and give them a try! Residents in Singapore, Johor and especially Kuala Lumpur residents and all over the world are benefited to find information about the best food in Melaka on this website. You can try having a breakfast in village atmosphere with traditional way of cooking. I have many friends’ originality are from Melaka and they recommend the best food to try. The best eateries in Malacca you can try are as follows: –

Melaka Best Foods and Destinations 2 Summary

  • Attraction: Melaka Best Foods and Destinations 2
  • Location: Malacca Malaysia
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Melaka Best Foods and Destinations 2

Cendol Jam Besau Melaka

Cendol Jam Besau Malacca is your answer for authentic cendol. Malacca is a hot country. Extreme weather can make our throat dry; this is the time to drink cendol. This is one of the famous cendol located in famous big-time watch tower. The food price is low, the size for 1 meal is well worth the money we pay.

Awang Roti Canai Melaka

Breakfast near me – Let’s head over Awang Roti Canai for some of the best roti canai you can get in Malacca. Located in front of Bukit Beruang school. It’s just so good to eat. People praise the roti canai as fluffy, thick and crunchy outside. Affordable price. Best roti canai in town.

Nasi Lemak Lereh Tg Kling

On breakfast near me episode, don’t forget to try at Nasi Lemak Lereh Tg Kling. Roti canai and nasi lemak are the customers favorite menu here. If you are on holiday at Puteri Beach or Klebang Beach, have breakfast here. Many compliments of Nasi Lemak here are delicious. Especially sambal sotong. Want more luxury, eat with spicy fried chicken (ayam goreng berempah).

Restoran Kenanga Bandar Hilir

Restoran Kenangan Bandar Hilir Melaka is the one and only breakfast restaurant in Malacca which is only open in the morning every day. There are many delicious foods to order here. Most of the customers like fried rice. Spicy and delicious. Restoran Kenanga is located at Kampung Parameswara, Bandar Hilir and received very good review on google.

Restoran Asam Pedas Selera Kampung

Why not lunch at Malacca at Restoran Asam Pedas Selera Kampung? In addition to the best dishes asam pedas, people say masak lemak udang is delicious too. If you want to try having lunch, you can get a car. Restoran Asam Pedas Selera Kampung is located at Mahkota Square, Bandar Hilir.

Restoran Lot 85

Our next lunch at Malacca destination is at Restoran Lot 85. A variety of side dishes for a delicious lunch you can order at Restoran Lot Lapan Lima. Most importantly the price is reasonable. That’s one the reason why the place is always full during lunch time. Everything is provided in buffet. Please come early for lunch to have a seat. Who wants to eat canned bread, come here. They are just a little pricey. Located at Kampung Durian Daun Dalam.

Warung Pak Enal Bukit Katil

This footstall is for having a lunch at Malacca yet famous among bus drivers. It is Warung Pak Enal Bukit Katil. The cafeteria is very popular in Bukit Katil, Melaka. There is a lot of buses with a group of tourists stop a while for having a lunch. It’s a probably the best food cafeteria you can eat. There are desserts like coconut shakes. If you want to eat fried bananas, come after 10am, chew on a cup of hot coffee to refresh your eyes.

Nasi Ayam Bonda Melaka

Lunch at Malacca – Nasi Ayam Bonda is another delicious lunch in Malacca. This shop’s “Signature dish” is definitely chicken rice. But what customers love must be the good service of friendly workers. It does taste good. Nasi Ayam Bonda is located at Kampung Bachang.

  1. Food: Choices from street vendor to restaurant
  2. Reputation: from common up to legendary dishes
  3. Price: Reasonable price
  4. Tour: Some travel agencies provide tour package
  5. Transportation: Very easy to get even trishaw!
  6. Halal Food: All Malay foods are halal

More Melaka Best Foods 2

Breakfast in Malacca Malaysia

You can try having a breakfast in village atmosphere with traditional way of cooking. I have many friends’ originality are from Melaka and they recommend the best food to try. The best and legendary breakfast is a Restoran Roti Canai Kayu Arang. You can try traditional cookies such as kuih popia, kuih keria, bahulu, kuih bakar and other frozen cookies as well. Melaka is where your journey begins!

Yes, the best destination in Malaysia is obviously Melaka. This is the only country which preserve its historical, cultural and definitely a food heaven. There is other state like Penang, Johor, Kedah which have similarity, but Malacca is rated as historical state in Malaysia. No doubt about it!

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