Best Nasi Kandar in KL Restoran Mamak

Best Nasi Kandar in KL Restoran Mamak

We present all the best nasi kandar in KL for you to eat. With authentic taste and variety of dishes including ‘kuah campur’. this Restoran Mamak is the most popular all over Malaysia. Read here for more info, Taste the delicious curry and spices from the unbeatable mamak restaurant in KL. Top rated from food hunters.

Best Nasi Kandar in KL Restoran Mamak Summary

  • Attraction: Best Nasi Kandar in KL Restoran Mamak
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Food in Malaysia

Best Nasi Kandar in KL Restoran Mamak

LC Restaurant Line Clear

LC Restaurant is also known as Line Clear is a popular nasi kandar restaurant based in Penang but now moving to Kampung Bharu, Kuala Lumpur. You need to come early to avoid queuing. Based on our opinion, LC Restaurant is our top choice.

Zainul Nasi Kandar Penang

Zainul Nasi Kandar Penang is one of our top choices because due to huge portion of ayam goreng. The price is very cheap, and all are self-services. You can take rice, vegetable and kuah campur based on your needs without any extra charges. This delicious restaurant is located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Restoran Nasi Kandar Mohd Yaseem

Restaurant Nasi Kandar Mohd Yaseem is a famous restaurant located in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR). It is 24X7 restaurant. Among the savory dishes are soy chicken, sambal chicken, fried chicken, beef cooked soy sauce and octopus egg dishes. This is considered as legendary restaurant after Restoran Kudu and LC.

Restaurant Original Kayu Nasi Kandar a Delicious Kuah Campur

Restaurant Original Kayu is established since 1974. A very delicious ‘kuah campur’. You can have a good breakfast serving variety of Malaysians favorite food such as roti canai, roti telor, tosai, capati and with a glass of ‘Teh Tarik’ make your cheerful morning day. Located in various location in KL such as in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras. It’s a 24-hour restaurant.

Restoran Hajris Bistro (RHB)

Best Mamak Restaurant in KL goes to Restoran Hajris Bistro (RHB). Popular mamak restaurant operating in city residents. Located in Cheras and many other residential areas in KL. A very popular mamak restaurant in Permaisuri residential area at Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras.

Restoran Kudu Bin Abdul

Best Nasi Kandar in KL goes to Restaurant Kudu Bin Abdul. Food is always an attraction for Malaysia tourism. Located in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR). 10 meters walking distance from Mohd Yaseem. Corner shop at the other end of the row of shops opposite Tune Hotel in Downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Pelita Nasi Kandar Restaurant 24 Jam attracts local and tourist

People in Malaysia recognize Restoran Pelita as favorite mamak restaurant. It is operated 24-hours and attracts local and tourist. There are many branches nationwide.

The History of Nasi Kandar

Some say that the word rice itself has its own meaning. In the past, before there were vehicles such as cars, vans and motorcycles to facilitate food being brought to the customer, the Nasi Kandar owner would walk from village to village to sell their food. The side dishes, gravy and rice were placed in a container and carried with a wooden stick on both shoulders. On the left and right are rice, side dishes and curry sauce. So, the name of the rice comes from the rice that rests (kandar or mengandar) on the shoulder.

Modern Nasi Kandar

Time has changed. Nasi Kandar owner has set up small stalls under the tree or use large umbrellas. Over time, the food owners changed their hands from generation to generation, so they built their own brand name, making it delicious and favorite restaurants and opening several branches.

The closest example about the best nasi kandar in KL Restoran Mamak to us is the Pelita Restaurant. It first opened in Penang and has now expanded its business wings to several states such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. This proves that this food is increasingly being considered and valued by all peoples in Malaysia.

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Hashtag / Keywords

  1. Experience: Taste the kuah campur.
  2. Reputation: Good rapport because it’s curry. So, everybody loves nasi kandar.
  3. Price Wise: Some offers reasonable price, but some are not.
  4. Facility: Modern restaurant is luxurious and comfortable outlet and free wi-fi.
  5. Service: Fast food delivery, systematic payment.
  6. Signature dish: kuah campur, ayam hitam, kari kepala ikan (fish head curry)

If you are a huge fan of Nasi Kandar, your vacation to Kuala Lumpur is really worth it because you can enjoy this food almost anywhere in the city. Just like in Penang, KL also has a lot of choice restaurants because of its high demand by city residents. The food is not only taste good, but it comes with a better service.

Malay proverb says “tak lapuk dek hujan tak lekang dek panas” provides an overview of Nasi Kandar that are evergreen because they are inherited from generation to generation.

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