Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik

Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik

What are best parks in Cameron Highlands Pahang Malaysia you must visit? Please read here about Strawberry Park, Butterfly Park, Honeybee Farm, Rose Garden, Cactus Center and Flower Nurseries. We hope you have a nice day and happy shopping!

Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik Summary

  • Attraction: Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik
  • Location: Pahang Malaysia
  • Attraction Type: Attraction in Malaysia

Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik

Strawberry Park Cameron Highlands

Search for Big Red Strawberry Farm and YZ Strawberry Farm and Cafe Kg. Taman Sedia. Also, you can enjoy delicious Malay food, western and ala carte with good price too. This is among the popular activity you can do here. Buy strawberries anywhere in Brinchang to Tanah Rata Road and eat strawberry on the spot. But what is the tips to buy strawberry? Click here for more info about Strawberry Park.

Butterfly Farm Cameron Highlands

Butterflies are nature’s angels. There are two butterfly farms in the highlands, Butterfly Farm and Butterfly Garden. Both have numerous butterflies and other insects including the well-known Raja Brooke butterfly. One of the best places in you shouldn’t missed to go. Click here for more info about Butterfly Farm.

Honeybee Farm

Honeybee Farm. Pure and Natural Honey can be incorporated into daily cooking, for just about anything, from roasting to grilling, from hot to cold. Visit Ee Feng Gu Honeybee Farm, Kea Farm Honeybee, Tringkap Bee Farm etc. You also can get information about the tasks of worker bee, drone bee and queen bee. What can you make with honey? All here. Click for more info.

Best park in Cameron Highlands you must visit are:

  1. Strawberry Park
  2. Butterfly Park
  3. Honeybee Farm
  4. Rose Garden
  5. Cactus Center
  6. Flower Nurseries

More Best Park in Cameron Highlands Tempat Menarik

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is located in the Tringkap Cameron Highlands, houses an amazing 450 varieties of roses in all shapes and sizes ranging from the “Black” rose, “hornless” rose plant with 20 fragrant varieties, the colorful “miniature” roses and much more. Other unique flowers that could be found here include Lily, Gerbera, Diamond, Lady Shoe, Honeysuckle, Camellia and Gipsy Flower. So, it is a wonderful garden to be in and take beautiful pictures. Two Rose Garden in Cameron such as Rose Valley and Rose Centre. Click this section for more info

Cactus Garden @ Center

Cactus Center is located in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Cactus Valley is one of the biggest and most popular tourist destination located here. The valley boasts of having one of the most varieties of cactus plants, some as old as 60 years. Visit Cactus Valley Brinchang and Cactus Point Brinchang.

Flower Nursery

Visits flower nurseries in Cameron Highlands such as Wengfong Nurseries Sdn. Bhd. is the leading Chrysanthemums Cuttings in Southeast Asia. Located in one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations, Wengfong Nurseries Sdn. Bhd. is the leading producer of fresh flowers in Malaysia. Most of the flower nurseries are centered around Bertam Valley and all along the way from Brinchang to Kg.Raja. Click here for more info.

Cameron Lavender

It’s so cool that everything in Cameron Highlands is in close proximity wherever you are. Hotel De La Ferns, where I’m staying for instance, is just a 15-minute drive to Tringkap where the purple-themed Cameron Lavender is located. Click here for more info.

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